Monday, December 30, 2013


"How much would you pay for this?" 

If you like watching ItsJudyTime, I'm sure you're familiar with this famous line of Benji!

These brushes from Pretty Angel Shoppe are amazing that I will pay more than Php 150, Php 400 even (each), for these brushes!

I always compare these brushes from my previous brushes and the quality and all, are very similar. I never owned high end brushes but it's okay, I'm very much contented with my mid-range price brushes (Ellana, Beauty Cosmetics, Barenaturals and Suesh).

Anyway, it was months ago when I made a review on the knock off Bobbi Brown face brush that Shirleen sent me. And I still use it! It never shed, even one single hair. Never has it bled too (well, except for the first wash). Everything are still intact, even the label itself. In short, the brush is still alive and kicking! Something I wouldn’t expect for Php 150. 

Then, just recently Shirleen surprised with me these brushes. She sent me these two soft brushes and VS perfume as Chrstmas gift. 

I have been really loving these brushes that even though these are not for Product review, I would still definitely post this on my blog for review

The two brushes I received are from the brand called “Moonkini” which I have never heard of. I tried googling this but all I see were stores selling the same brand.

This first brush I received reminds me of Barenaturals flat top brush which I purchased 3 years ago for Php 419. It was one of the softest brushes I have back then. (My mom still likes to use my Barenaturals brush, even without the handle).

I compared the quality of the hairs (bristles) of Barenaturals and this moonkini brush and these are very much a-like. Imagine, you can get the same quality brush for only Php 150?

The next brush I receive and definitely my favorite brush among the three brushes I received from Pretty Angel Shoppe was this Moonkini Foundation brush. This is my all around brush. Unlike the first brush which works for powder foundation, this longer flat top foundation brush pretty works for almost all kind of foundations. I tried this with my Liquid foundation (Happy skin), naturactor, Happy skin powder foundation or even my 3W Clinic Professional powder.  I have been using this every day ever since I got it. The diameter of the brush is small and denser, making it perfect brush to apply even cream or liquid type of foundation. Compared to the two brushes, this one gives me more coverage.

Overall, I really love these brushes. These are super affordable, without compromising the quality.

I highly recommend these brushes especially to girls who do not really have budget to buy expensive brushes.

You can purchase this for only PHP 150/each at PRETTY ANGEL SHOPPE

- super affordable at Php 150
- not scratchy at all
- bristles are soft! 
- never bled or shed hairs

- not available in the local market
- for brand-conscious, the bobbi brown kabuki brush is just a knock-off brush and Moonkini is not a popular brand. (Well, at least I'm not a brand-conscious. As long as it works just fine, I'm ok with it)


  1. wow it's so affordable! :D i gotta try this one out ;) thanks for the post!

  2. Great find! I like the one that looks like a stippling brush, di masyado magkalayo yung length nung duo-fiber

  3. Gotta have the right tools. Interesting article. Thanks!

  4. yes, they are! hehe!

  5. yay! you're welcome

  6. Lean Diwa BuscainoAugust 4, 2014 at 11:53 PM

    The flat brush reminds me of my elf small stipple brush kasi un lang yung brush ko dati so kahit san ok sya... Pero ung sayo mas mukhang makapal ;)

  7. i think this one is denser sa stippling brush, dear ^_^

  8. that's why I love you ms. kikaysimaria blogger. I really love your reviews in fact, I was able to purchase that make up brushes to pretty angel shoppe because of this review. thanks so much for blogging it. :D

  9. Can you suggest po kung san po ako makakabili ng eyebrow brush na stiff po. Pero mura? Thanks po. Sana po matulungan nyo ako! :)


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