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Nyx is a brand that’s very close to my heart. FYI, Nyx round lipsticks were the first lipsticks that I ever bought online through Carefreeshopper and I still love these lippies! And Nyx Lipcream is undoubtedly one of my favorite kinds of lippies, ever!

So far, I have 3 Nyx Lip creams, all of these I love to bits! The shades I owned were: Addis Ababa, London (which I purchased from Kering Keri store) and Stockholm (sent by Kering Keri store for PR).

About a year ago, I reviewed Addis Ababa. To check my detailed review on this particular shade, Click HERE. Addis Ababa is a hot but gorgeous pink shade as shown in the swatch below! It's a very pretty shade; I even included it on my top list for lip products HERE.

Now, I will be reviewing the other two shades I got and have been using for the past few months

These lip creams were still housed in this tube with the same applicator as the Addis Ababa.

It has a mousse-like consistency and cake-like scent to it, which I absolutely love!

Unlike Addis Ababa, Stockholm and London do not have any shimmers.

London is a nude brown but it’s not overly pale. It is also a perfect lip color for heavy smokey eye! I tried wearing this lip shade as everyday color and it’s very close to my natural lip color, as if I’m wearing no lip product. Haha! This is more noticeable with smokey eye.

If you want to give your lip more color but still looking almost like your natural lip shade, I recommend Stockholm.

Stockholm is like London’s cousin, only with a bit more color to it. Stockholm is a nude, pinky coral that is very gorgeous.

I won’t be too detailed in my review about the Nyx Lip cream as I already had a detailed review on this in my previous post. If you want to know the Nyx Lip Cream in general, ex. Staying power, consistency and the like, click HERE.

Overall,  am still inlove with NYX Soft Lip Cream! I like using these lippies. I have been really enjoying Stockholm for everyday. I also like experimenting with London, I like it combining with Nyx Rls in Tea Rose.

You can purchase these at Kering Keri Store.

  • long wearing
  • affordable
  • comes in many shades
  • non-sticky formulation
  • pigmented
  • kiss-proof after setting
  • glides smoothly on lips

  • can be drying on lips. I stopped using this for a while since the weather in Philippines today made my lips even drier
  • can look cakey if applied too much
  • Pricey when purchased in local stores
The two shades are so natural-looking that I had hard time taking decent photos of these!  
Nyx London

Nyx Stockholm. It has more "color" than London

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Nyx London. I've been thinking if I should purchase that and I've been convinced by this review. :)


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