Thursday, February 20, 2014

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

I have an abnormal habit of picking up products I’m interested without even testing them out and purchasing it right away– and this Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set was one of those products I decided to buy because of the price (Php 189.00)

You know I’m a sucker for eyebrow products. I just can’t stop buying even if I still have tons of products to finish! 


This set consists of two eyebrow powder, small angled brush, instruction on application and 3 plastic eyebrow stencils, and are housed in this clear oval case. I wasn’t really expecting this kind of packaging. While it seems very handy, it’s not convenient on my part. I have to pull-out everything whenever I want to use the brow powder. I still prefer the conventional flip-open packaging. I also don’t like the idea of having a brow powder in this plastic tray.

The brush included is just okay. Although, I still prefer my Suesh Angled brush to apply this powder.


I honestly think that every eyebrow set should have at least two shades – lighter for the inner and darker shade for the tail. It looks better in pictures, trust me!

What made me really buy this product is the lightest shade. It’s a taupe shade, and I thought it would be a great combination with my Mac Browset in Beguile.  I think taupe looks more natural on me. Although, I still love brown powders for my eyebrows. It's just that I’m just tired of having the same brown powder every single day.

Darkest and lightest shade applied using my fingers; darkest and lightest shade applied using the brush included
The darker shade is so pigmented. Some people like it this way, well, I prefer not-so-pigmented powders for my eyebrows. I like my eyebrows to look soft and natural. However, the great thing about having pigmented powder is that you can use this as an eyebrow powder and eyeshadows, as well. If you find this too pigmented, you can use spoolie to lessen the pigmentation of the powder on your eyebrows.

I also like that this kit contains 3 eyebrow stencils. I really don’t use these because I already know my eyebrow shape. From more than 3 years of doing my eyebrows, I already mastered the shape of my eyebrows. However, these stencils are very helpful for beginners. I remember few years ago, when I’m still new to shaping my eyebrows, this stencil helped me a lot in making my eyebrows look decent. I normally use magic tape to keep this stencil in place while I fill-up the shape with my eyebrow powder.

I also use this eyebrow stencil as a guide before plucking my eyebrow hairs. I just follow/trace the shape of the stencil with a pencil and pluck all the hairs located outside my drawn shape.  


I would recommend this brow stylist set for beginners. It contains the basic materials needed for eyebrow shaping: powder, angled brush, instructions and stencils. I haven’t found any product as complete as this with this kind of price tag! So, I honestly think that this is a great product to have!

But if you have been doing your eyebrows for years and years, just like me, you might not like this product just because I no longer use stencils and the packaging is just so flimsy and not convenient to use.

As for the longevity of the product, the staying power is good for an eyebrow powder although I notice that this may be easily rubbed off especially if you have oily skin. To make this product lasts the entire day, I use Model in Abottle eyebrow sealer to set it! It’s totally my HG eyebrow sealer! I can sleep while travelling without having to worry about smudging eyebrows. I have tried and tested that product in my Ilocos Tour. I had my eyebrows for than 24 hours, I even slept with it, not to mention the unlimited rubbing of eyebrows with my arms. But amazingly, I woke up with still perfectly done eyebrows. That product is just so amazing. It’s really tricky to apply, though! But once you got the right application, you cannot live without it.

Anyway, back to Essence eyebrow stylist set, here are some of my pictures using this set on my eyebrows. 

In the picture below, I use Etude House Drawing eyebrow pencil to outline my brows and Essence Eyebrow stylist for the shading. 

As you can see, my brow hairs tend to fall down all the time! That's why on normal days, I like setting this with Model in A Bottle eyebrow sealer to keep the hairs in place. But for the sake of showing you how Essence looks-like on its own, I did not apply any other product than Essence and etude house on these pictures

  • Affordable
  • has two shades of eyebrow powders
  • Pigmented, can be use as eyeshadows as well
  • Complete set: brow powder, angled brush and stencils
  • Available locally
  • Decent staying power
  • easy to work with

  • The packaging is not convenient to use
  • Quite pigmented for an eyebrow powder

Have you tried this product? How do you like it so far? What are your favorite eyebrow products? Let me know!

Until then, my loves!
Appreciate, do not hate.


  1. I envy you for having those brows! I'm not even good in using eyebrow powders and stuff.

  2. wow mas affordable pala ito kesa sa in2it?

  3. @rhaindropz: yes! ^_^ php 299 ata yung in2it sis.
    @hazel: hi dear. nako, ako rin before. sobrang panget ng eyebrows ko dati. practice2 lng ako

  4. OMG! I love your brows! It's so neat.. and this product is really nice indeed :) The owner is my friend's ex boyfriend. hihihi :)

  5. Eyebrows are incredibly important when it comes to makeup, and I love how you used the stylist set! Going to recommend this to my sister! Haha! :)

  6. I love your brows! This is a very affordable product ha. :)

  7. quite neat, i think i should change to eyebrow color instead of using the pencil type

  8. Your eyebrows are perfect!!!


  9. Gosh this set looks so handy! I've only just begun to draw my eyebrows more but I'm always afraid to apply too much :p this would be a great help

  10. Interesting set :) I think my sister would like this set :) She does my eyebrow during events hehe :)

  11. nice review going to intro to my friends.

  12. I love your eyebrows! I'm loving Shawill and In2it ^_^

  13. You have beautiful brows!

  14. Thank you guys for all the compliments and for sharing your thoughts! hugggss

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  18. I am also a brow person but it doesnt mean that I buy all the products out there because Im a brow addict. hehe I mean, I can go without a blush or eyeshadows and lipstick but Im not going out without my eyebrows. It frames the face and the eyes especially. And I think that the packaging is a little hassle.

  19. We cant get enough of our eyebrows. kahit walang makeup, basta bongga eyebrows, parang ang bongga na ng lahat


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