Friday, February 21, 2014


I’m always late when it comes to beauty – something very ironic for a beauty blogger, right? Fortunately, a good friend of mine, Shirleen Yu of Prettyangelshoppe, is always there to save me from being MIA. Just few days ago, she sent me a surprise package! Of course, it’s the newest product on her shop.

I honestly don’t know what to expect on this baby, I didn’t even bother to google it before I use it. I just read the instruction and thought it’s just a normal whitening lotion/Cream for face. Just like my typical lotion, I applied it on my face and I was just shocked. As in SHOCKED! My face turned ghostly white in an instant! “What kind of product is this?” I googled it and learned that this product is use to make skin look INSTANTLY white!


Contains whitening elements from milk and vitamin C (whitening factor), can not only quickly moisten the skin, but also effectively decompose accumulated melanin and improve the skin’s self-whitening ability. Regular use helps dark skin become naturally fair and well-moisturized.

It has a weird consistency. The consistency is almost comparable to a consistency of a correction fluid, I’m sure you’re all familiar with.

For some reason, this product reminds me a lot of my NYX HD Studio PhotogenicPrimer --- the consistency, blending and even the ghostly white-shade I get after applying this on my skin! Just like Nyx Primer, I find this difficult to blend. It dries really quickly on skin, so, you really have to apply this part by part and blend as quickly as possible especially if you’re going to use this on your face.

My Bare Face

Half face with Milk Essence

Full face with Milk Essence

I have used this on my face as makeup base/moisturizer. The white shade doesn’t really bother me as my naturactor evens out my skintone after applying it on top of this lotion.

I like using this on my legs when I’m wearing skirt or shorts. This made my skin INSTANTLY whiter! However, if you’re more on tan shade/darker shade, this might look weird on you as the shade is too light!

On my legs:

On my arms:

So far, I’m liking this product! It promises instantly white skin with long-term benefits. I admit, I am sometimes very lazy applying lotion on skin, inspite of the long-term benefit it gives. However, if I can already see an effect as soon as I apply the product, I'm more encouraged to use the product. Wise idea, indeed!

The only thing that really bothers me is the ingredients. I haven’t seen the ingredients of this product. The direction says that it can be use on your face, so I did. So far, I haven’t experienced any breakout, yet! Use at your own risk. If you’re skin is too sensitive, you may skip using this product on your face.


  • Affordable, Php 160/each (100g); Php 110 each for 6 bottles; Php 100 for 12 bottles
  • Whitening in an instant
  • Can be use on your face and body
  • Has long-term whitening benefit
  • Can be use as moisturizer, as well
  • Skin absorbs the product quickly


  • Not available in the local market
  • Ingredients not indicated in the packaging
  • Dries quickly, hard to blend
  • whitening effect fades after 4 hours (on my skin); re-application is necessary

Do you like the product? Let me know!
Until then, my loves!


  1. Ohhh , Pretty! You can use this on your face pala. I have read a lot of good feedback about this product. I might try a bottle soon. I hope they will list na the ingredients.

  2. Genzel kisses: thank you for reading my blog, genzel! Hmm, kasi nakalagay on face sa bottle haha! but i see people using this on their body lang haha. maybe, they're scared kasi walang ingredients

  3. Hey there girl! I've been trying to buy this product but saw it's no longer available at Prettyangelshoppe. DO you know where I might be able to buy this?


  4. Pretty Angel shoppe has new variant ata, pero it's almost the same . according to shirleen, the new whitening lotion she's selling is even better than this

  5. So what's the finish result? Did you get whiter?
    And also, is it really effective? I want to get sure, since the blog is always reviewing it on a one day result and with lotion, I want to see a week review and view it without the lotion applied.

  6. i have po! 150 per bottle. kindly visit my page makonline shop or simply add me up on facebook. ( michelle pena)
    thanka much!

  7. Can you do a review for sa maleup products nya sa instagram? :) I heard kasi madami ng bumili sknya and good review.. but I wanted to hear from you po sana hahaha thank youu

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