Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nyx Round lipstick in Tea Rose

Nyx Round Lipstick  Tea Rose is one of my all-time favorite lipsticks. It is also one of the very few lipsticks that I owned when I started blogging more than 3 years ago and this is the only lipstick I kept on purchasing until then.

This particular shade was included in my top picks for lipstick HERE.


Nyx modified the design of the packaging for their round lipsticks. Nevertheless, the quality of the materials were still the same.

Nyx Rls still has the color cap on the bottom which is exactly the same as the color of the lipstick itself.


I have two ultimate favorite shades from this line, Tea Rose and Heredes. Tea Rose is a Barbie-ish pink that can compliments a wide range of skin tones. It’s a no-brainer shade that magically goes together with any looks.

BOTTOM LINE: A Barbie-ish shade that fits wide range of skintone.  You’ll never go wrong with Tea Rose.


The formula of Nyx Lipstick is always amazing. It has a very nice, rich and creamy finish that feels moisturizing on the lips. I’ve always been a fan of nyx rls ever since I started blogging. I have tried several Nyx Rls shade and the formulation is consistent for almost every shades.

The pigmentation is excellent, very opaque! The color on tubecover is close to the color once applied on my lips!

BOTTOM LINE: The formulation is great, something you wouldn’t expect for this fairly cheap lipstick. The pigmentation and formulation are excellent, very rich and creamy and it’s very true to color on my lips!


This shade has a decent staying power. The color, Tea Rose, stays on at least 2-3 hours without eating or drinking.


This is my ultimate favorite shade of all time. I have tried tons of lippies, trust me! But I keep coming back to this. I get a lot of compliments whenever I’m wearing this particular shade. It goes perfectly with my Ever Bilena Pink Petal Blush (my favorite blush) or any Barbie-ish blush.

This is my face without any lip tints/color

With Nyx Round lipstick Tea Rose on my lips and Ever Bilena Pink Petal on my cheeks. 

I really like Nyx Roundlipsticks because the formulation is just so creamy and it’s so affordable. You can purchase this at Php 260 in Malls (Nyx Stores) and even cheaper if you’ll purchase it online. I got mine for Php 150 at Kering Keri Store.

See how makeup can enhances your natural beauty!
On my face (left): Essence Eyebrow kit and Happy Skin SS Cream
On my face (right): Essence Eyebrow kit, Happy Skin SS Cream, 3W Clinic Setting powder, Maybelline The Falsies Macara, Ever Bilena Pink Petal Blush and Nyx Rls in Tea Rose

  • Affordable
  • Great formulation, very rich and creamy
  • Non-drying
  • available locally
  • decent staying power
  • available in many, many shades
  • Tea Rose is a very versatile shade
  • Can be use for everyday/special occassions

  •  transfers on glass 
  • weird scent and taste
  • needs retouching after 3 hours or so


  1. this was my favorite shade before, but then i just hated the soap smell of the round lippies of Nyx and used matte lip creams instead

  2. @rhaindropz: i like to try those two shades, as well!
    @strawberry: yes, siguro i just love nyx tea rose so much na dinedma ko nlng yun smell hehe! i like nyx matte lip creams too!


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo