Friday, February 14, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

I originally wanted to repurchase Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation from Kering keri Store but because my shade is out-of-stock, I decided to give this Revlon Colorstay whipped foundation a try. I have been hearing many great things about this baby from other local bloggers and here is my take on the product.
Revlon says,
“Finally, truly decadent makeup offers ultimate performance. The mousse-like texture feels like silk on your skin. And, the time release formula balances skin for a flawless look. All day flexible wear without flaking, caking or feeling heavy.”


There are so many things to hate about the packaging: it’s so bulky, super heavy, and not hygienic. The packaging reminds me of the packaging of high-end moisturizers.

This foundation came into this very huge, heavy glass tub container that has 0.8 fluid oz or 23. 7ml of product. Yes, it doesn’t really look cheap but it’s not practical for foundation. The packaging is so huge and deceiving. It contains much less product than most of my liquid foundies.
Every week or two, I make sure to sanitize all the foundations I have in a tub-type packaging. However, due to the unique texture of this product, I really have no idea on how I would sanitize this revlon whipped foundation. So I make sure to wash my hands before each application. It’s really hard not to double dip your fingers on the product so I also make sure to have wet wipes beside me while applying this.

It has a “bouncy” texture, coined by Revlon, which makes the foundation looked-like it’s always new. I find this cool because foundation gets backs to its original surface-state after dipping your fingers or foundation brush, as if I haven’t used the product yet.


Revlon Whipped foundation is available in 12 shades!

At first, I really had no idea what shade to choose since the options are very wide. Good thing, Kering keri store is too kind to help me choose the shade appropriate for my skintone. The shade Eunice sent me is in “Warm Golden.”

Upon swatching on the back of my hands, I was at first sceptical to use it. The “Warm Golden” which I expected to be “warm-yellow-golden” shade appears pinkish on my skin. But then, this shade, surprisingly, is just the “right” shade for my NC30 skin. The shade blends really well on my yellow-toned skin.

The “whipped” texture, as described by Revlon, is very unique. I haven’t tried anything like this before. The texture is in between cream and liquid foundation. This foundation is so creamy and thick, that even if I turned the foundation upside down, the foundation will not drip out of the container.
Originally, I was really expecting a “whipped” cream-like consistency, light and airy. But this one is completely the oppposite. It’s very thick and heavy. I thought it would be difficult to blend this out on my skin due to its very thick consistency. But again, I’m surprised that upon applying this on my skin, the foundation glides smoothly and blends evenly with so much ease. It feels unexpectedly light too inspite of the thick consistency.

This product contains “Dimethicone” which is a silicon-based polymer to make products spreads easily and helps form protective barrier on skin. This ingredient is widely used for making primers so that makeup will glide easily and protects your skin by forming plastic-like substance. However, dimethicone can make skin worse over time. Thus, every day use of products with dimethicone is not preferable. It increases dryness, and may lead to older looking skin.

Use at your own risk. In my case, I will definitely continue using this but not on daily basis.

Another thing that surprises me -- the coverage! The foundation is so thick that I thought it would look heavy and fake/cakey, and will provide full coverage makeup. But this foundation appears so natural on skin. The coverage is quite decent --- though, colorstay still has the best coverage.

Hello there, Bare Face!

One layer of Revlon Whipped Foundation
In terms of coverage, this has medium to full coverage. I normally apply one layer of this foundation on my face and use concealer to cover imperfections such as acne marks and redness.

I personally like the coverage of naturactor and colorstay liquid foundation compared to whipped foundation on first application. Naturactor provides great coverage and brightens up my skin instantly while Revlon Whipped foundation has satin-y finish that looks natural.
I tried using half of this foundation on half of my face and naturactor on the other half. Once applied, I already noticed the huge difference from coverage and brightening effect. Naturactor definitely won my heart over whipped foundation AT FIRST. BUT, Whipped foundation looks better at the end of the day. I don’t know why but this Revlon Whipped foundation actually looks better as it wears throughout the day.

Naturactor has better coverage than revlon. BUT Revlon appears more natural on my skin, right?


This product is full of surprises, really! This foundation surprised me, both in positive and negative way. Every product has its own strengths and weaknesses, so finding the right products for you depend on your willingness to give up one thing for the sake of the thing you prioritize more.

Overall, this product is really worth the money I spent! Revlon has always been one of the best drugstores for foundations, and this whipped cream foundation has again proved that drugstore products have a lot of great things to offer in terms of both quality and price. 

I would recommend this foundation to girls who are looking for a good foundation that will appear natural on their skin.

Great product to evens out skintone. I love how natural-looking it is on skin!

  • it has thick consistency but feels light on skin
  • blends easily
  • covers pores and evens out skintone
  • natural-looking, like your second skin
  • not cakey
  • available locally, but quite pricey if you buy at the mall. I highly recommend to buy this instead at KeringKeri shop

  • bulky packaging
  • pricey if purchased in mall
  • coverage isn't amazing
How about you girls, have you tried this product? What is your favorite foundation? Let me know!


  1. I haven't tried the product yet, but I agree, the packaging doesn't look that appealing because of its size. The effect it has on your face is really nice though. :)

  2. Hi Alyssa, thank you! yes, it looks so natural when worn. ^_^

  3. Great review Eloisa! I was just browsing through your blog posts then I saw this review, this is my fave foundation this summer lalo na't sobrang init, as in. BFF kami nito ngayon hihihi.. You have a great blog!! Sana ganito rin ako kagaling magblog. God bless! I'll be reading on.. loving all your reviews! ♥Anne Clutz


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo