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Tips for Long-lasting Makeup (with Product recommendations)

You spend so many precious hours prettifying yourself every morning --- it definitely feels horrible seeing your masterpiece melt off your face!

Don’t worry, girls! I have experienced the same thing! Living in a hot country like Philippines, it’s quite frustrating to find products that can withstand intense heat especially during summer! But no worries, I have listed products and tips that I discovered and learned in making your makeup lasts longer!


Primer is very important for a long-lasting makeup. (Although, I don’t use primer daily – I only use moisturizer for everyday). Primer prepares skin (smoothens) and ensures that makeup will last longer on skin. It also acts as a protective barrier of our skin to prevent it from absorbing talc or any ingredients that may irritate our skin.


It is important to have a clean face before applying a primer for best result and to prevent clogging of pores.

I have tried very few primers but among all of those primers, I would recommend NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer (full review HERE) if your main priority is to make your makeup lasts longer. 


I have tried and tested this primer and it’s really amazing in making my makeup lasts throughout the day while keeping oils at bay! Compared to most primers, the price is actually reasonable though not that affordable. The only thing that might bother you is the consistency and texture of this primer. It’s quite liquidy, but not smooth. It’s hard to blend and may give you white-cast when not blended well.


For foundation, you may use liquid or cream foundation. These stay longer than powder foundation alone.


For liquid foundation, I would highly recommend Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation. This has to be the best liquid foundation for drugstore I’ve tried. The coverage is excellent! This foundation is available in Combination/Oily Skin and Normal/Dry skin formulation


Another foundation I would recommend is the Revlon Whipped Cream (full review HERE).

If you’re not into full-coverage foundation, this product is for you! It feels light and has satin-y finish. It looks better as it wear throughout the day!


One of my favorite concealers of all time, Mary Kay Concealer (full review HERE)!


It’s a liquid concealer that has a very excellent coverage. A little goes a long, long way! It stays on throughout the day especially when set with a good powder. I use my Elf Blending brush or Beauty cosmetics blending brush to apply powder foundation over this concealer on my undereye circles. This technique is amazing to brightens it up.


Setting powder is another essential product to set your cream/liquid foundation and concealer. It adheres to the foundation you initially applied and somehow, seals/sets it. It also removes the shine on your face.

My favorite setting powder so far is my 3W Clinic Professional Powder (full review HERE), I find the staying power of this baby better than Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder, which I have and been neglecting ever since I got this powder. 

3W Clinic Professional Powder is used by professional makeup artists, such as those who worked for TV Broadcast stations and also for used as theatrical powder, no wonder its staying power is so great. It brightens my face and it’s translucent on skin. The best thing about this is it is super affordable. You can get a huge tub for just Php 300.


I’m obsessed with my eyebrows! I spend 50% of my time doing my eyebrows! It sucks spending so much time perfecting them and just seeing them fade away that easily when rubbed off, right?

Model in A Bottle Eyebrow sealer (full review HERE) is such as life-saver! I have tried and tested this product; I will repurchase it over and over. This sealer helps my eyebrows to be SERIOUSLY SMUDGE-PROOF!


I have been obsessed with blushes recently. Been trying tons of blushes from cream to mousse to liquid to powder.

I must say that Sophie Martin Pink Cream (full review HERE) is still the best when it comes to staying power. It stays on throughout the day! It’s very affordable, too. A little goes a long, long, long way! I like layering this blush with my Ever Bilena Pink Petal blush, both look gorgeous on me when paired with my Nyx Tea Rose Lippie! It’s my favorite go-to look for this month. 

However, Sophie Martin Magic Pink Cream is really tricky to apply. It dries up very quick. The color won’t show up on your cheeks instantly, you have to wait for a few seconds. That’s why it’s really hard to tell how much of this product will needed to achieve the pinky cheeks you want.

If you find Sophie Martin Pink Cream really tricky to apply, you may use Elf HD Blushes or Elf All Over Color stick as alternative, then layering it with a powder blush. 

Elf HD Blushes (full review HERE) are much easier to work with than Sophie. The staying power is good too, but Sophie stays longer! 


Elf All Over Color stick is a cream blush. This one costs less than HD Blushes. Among the three, this is the easiest to blend. The staying power is good, however, it has the least staying power among these three. The shades are very limited, as well. And this have tiny shimmers on it.



I would really prefer moisturizing lipsticks even if I had to retouch it. But, since this is a long-lasting makeup post, I would recommend lip products that will last longer than typical lipsticks.

The first lipstick I would recommend is the Mac Matte Lipstick. I find this really drying on lips and don’t really glide smoothly but lasts really longer.

If you have tight BUDGET for a makeup, I recommend Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color (full review HERE) as an alternative. Go for bolder shades (red, purple, etc) for long lasting lip color.

Nyx Soft Matte lip cream (full review for HERE and HERE) has a really nice staying power as well. It sets on your lips once it dries up. There are many nice shades to choose from. The formulation is quite drying, but not that intense as most matte lippies.

Lastly, if you’re looking for Lip shade that’s easily accessible in local market, try Jazzy Collection Kiss-proof Lippie (full review HERE). It’s definitely kiss-proof, and stays on really amazing. The price is really reasonable at Php 299!

Here are some of my tips to make your lippies last longer:
  • If you want your lipstick to lasts longer, choose a bolder shades of lipstick. Natural or MLBB lippies tend to fade easily than Reds. Applying lip liner underneath helps lipstick to adhere on lips longer, as well!
  • Blotting your lipstick with tissue and dusting some powder on top of tissue helps a lot in making your lipstick lasts longer but it’s quite a task to do! You can cut few steps by using powdered blotting sheet (Gatsby) instead. (Click HERE to know HOW) (Click HERE for Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear paper review)


This is optional but it really works! Skindinavia Setting Spray (full review HERE) sets and holds makeup in place to prevent it from slipping, melting, or creasing! You can use this on your eyeshadows to make it lasts longer and appear  more vibrant!

 I hope you find this post helpful. Let me know what you think about this post by leaving comments!

Do you have tips to make your makeup lasts longer? Share yours! Will be happy to learn from you!

 Until then, my loves!

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