Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fairy Girl Eyebrow Mascara

Last December, I made a detailed review on my Mac Browset in Beguile which I purchased at Mac Store in Megamall for Php 1,000. Yes, pricey for an eyebrow product but for an eyebrow-person like me,  I would say it’s really worth it!

I’m obsessed with my eyebrows – among all of the things I put on my face, this is the one I really enjoy doing everyday and I’m very confident that I can share a lot of things when it comes to eyebrows!

Honestly. I have tons of eyebrow products that I use alternately. I have Elf browkit, Modelco designer eyebrow, Mac brow powder, Essence brow powder, Mac Brow gel, Eyebrow sealer and quite handful of brow pencils that I have tried ---most of these products worked just fine on me. 

Now, I’m really excited to share with you a new product that I recently added in my growing eyebrow products collection. This brow mascaras were sent by my friend Shirleen of Pretty Angel Shoppe when I purchased my D&G Light Blue Tester on her shop.

The Fairy Girl Eyebrow Mascara

The brand “Fairy Girl” is new to me; I haven’t read or heard anything about this product. I googled it and found no reviews yet.

The packaging is very Kawaii, reminds me of Dolly Wink Eyebrow mascara- which I have yet to try! It came into this clearish-tube to see the amount and shade of the product.

I really like the over-all packaging; it’s very similar to most Japanese eyebrow mascara I’ve seen. However, the brush that came with this packaging SUCKS! 

The bristles aren’t soft, and cheap-looking. It sucks during application too! That’s why I highly recommend using a separate spoolie brush (pic below) to apply this product on your eyebrows.

The consistency is thicker than my previous eyebrow mascara. Though, it spreads evenly with my disposable spoolie.

Fairy Girl 1, 2, Mac Beguile and Naris Up 3. Naris has the nicest consistency among these 4 brow mascaras

I have this in shade 1 (Milk Tea) - light milky brown shade

and 2 (Mocha) - copper-y shade

Milk Tea is the lightest shade and I thought it will not work for me. Surprisingly, it suits me very well.  

excuse my face here. No makeup,
Left: Milk Tea, Right: Mocha

I like using this together with my Benefit A-go-ago browset from Pretty Angel Shoppe! I’m currently obsessed with lighter eyebrows, I feel like lighter brows make me more “maamo” looking than with darker brows, and this Fairy girl does a great job lightening my eyebrows.

Here's a picture of me wearing Benefit Ago-go Browset.

And here’s a picture of me wearing both fairy girl eyebrow mascara. The difference isn’t really that obvious when mixed with Ago-go browset unlike when I use this alone.

Left: Benefit + Milk Tea, Right: Benefit + Mocha 

 So far, I am really enjoying this product a lot! It’s very affordable and it works for me! This Fairy Girl brow set made my eyebrows appear lighter and it tames the hair decently too! The longevity of this brow mascara isn’t remarkable, though. But on top of a good eyebrow wax/powder, it stays decently.  

I will definitely repurchase 01 Milk Tea when I ran out of eyebrow mascara. I might stick for this for a while, instead of repurchasing Mac Browset. I like Mac Browset but Fairy girl works just as good as Mac browset in terms of lightening my eyebrows and taming the hair, JUST MAKE SURE TO USE A DIFFERENT SPOOLIE when applying fairy girl!

  • Affordable at Php 200 (at Pretty Angel Shop)
  • Has good pigmentation
  • Looks natural on me
  • Available in 3 shades
  • Cheapest I've tried so far (for eyebrow mascara) 
  • Has nice thick-formulation
  • Blends well with my natural brow color

  • Not available in local market
  • Staying power is so so
  • Spoolie that came with the packaging sucks


  1. Love the review dear! I have seen these pero di ko pinansin. I badly need a new eyebrow mascara, my EH one is dried up na. :(

  2. Hi Maicafrances, yes, I've tried that as well! nagdry di agad :(

  3. I just saw this in Beauty Bar. The packaging looks nice and it's one of the first things I notice in a beauty product.

  4. Hi Rochkirstin, i don't think this is available in beauty bar. i think fairydrops un? ^_^

  5. Wow this looks so easy to use! And it definitely blends well, which I think is the most important factor :D

  6. It actually looks good on you and the price is very affordable.. it's just sad that they have an awful spoolie..

  7. You do your brows so well!! Will definitely refer this to my sister! :D

  8. Never heared of the brand Fairy Girl only from you. I like so much the Shawil mascara proud to embrace our own filipino product with good quality :)

  9. Hi Ms. Maria, may itatanong lang po ako. Sa lahat ng review nyo about eyebrow, ano pong product ang pinakabest (sp far) for you na ginamit nyo (Orig & Authentic)? thank you po in advance sa sagot! hehe


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo