Friday, March 28, 2014

March Fave List (Makeup)

Here is my 2nd installment for my March favorites! Check this POST to read my 1st installment post



This is probably the longest list I HAVE! I’ve tried tons of products for February-March, and these are my top picks:

1.  Etude House Drawing eyebrows
My HG eyebrows! I'm completely satisfied with this pencil, I will keep on repurchasing this. The shape is so thin and perfect for outlining your eyebrows. I really couldn’t do my eyebrows without this product!

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2. Mac Browset in Beguile
When I want my eyebrows to look lighter but not too light, this is the eyebrow mascara I use! It’s great for taming my eyebrow hairs and appear nice on black to dark colored hair

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3. Fairy Girl Brow Mascara
If you’re looking for an affordable eyebrow mascara that works, this is the one! Though, their shade selection is very limited. This brow mascara is perfect for girls who like to have lighter eyebrows.

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4. Model in A Bottle eyebrow sealer
This is my HG eyebrow sealer! When I want to make my eyebrow lasts more than a day, I like using this to set my eyebrows. It’s really effective in making my eyebrows Smudge-proof!

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5. Elf Crème Liner
I know, I rant about this few years ago. I don’t know if they changed the formulation or what, but surprisingly, I have this pot for almost 3 months now and it hasn’t dried up yet! So far, so good! It creamy and easy to apply, great product for newbies!

6. Ponds Age Miracle BB Cream
Skincare for makeup, definitely! I like the added skincare benefits I get from wearing this bb cream. I’m obsessed with anti-ageing products! Hahaha! You know what they say, “Prevention is better than cure!”

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7. Naturactor Cream Foundation
My HG foundation and concealer in one! It goes smoothly on skin and provides great coverage! I never thought I’ll love cream foundation, but I did! Thanks, Naturactor!

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8. Happy Skin SS Crème Foundation
There are days when I just needed something that would even out  my skintone and this is the product I always reach for. It has sheer coverage and it claims to be skin-friendly!

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9. Krave Minerale Contouring Powder
I’m not really into contouring since I already have small face! But recently, I have been really enjoying contouring my cheeks to bring out my cheekbones. It looks cute whenever I smile. I find Fanny Serrano in Rajah too orangey for skintone. Krave is just a nice product to use for natural-looking contoured cheeks!
10. Ever Bilena in Pink Petal
Sorry, wrong name in the picture! LOL! It should be pink petal. It’s light Barbie pink blush that looks gorgeous on medium to fair skin. I totally love this on top of Sophie Martin Paris Magic Pink cream paired with Nyx Round lipstick in Tea Rose

11. Sophie Martin Magic Cream
This is the longest lasting blush cream I have ever tried! It’s my most reliable one when I want my blush to last the whole day! Though, it’s very tricky to apply.
12. 3W Clinic Setting Powder
My ultimate HG Setting powder! I like this better than my Ben Nye Luxury powder because it lasts longer on my skin. The best part, the  huge tub costs only Php 300 at Kering Keri Store

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13. Maybelline Blush Em in I Can Kill for Gold
I use this when I want to contour my cheeks without really using contouring powder. It looks great with any kind of lipsticks and for any occasions
14. Gatsby Powdered Blotting sheets
I rarely bring tons of makeup with me. You would likely see my bag with just lipbalm, lipstick and this Gatsby sheet. I love how convenient it is to use, I can even use this while travelling and even while walking. If you’re always in hurry, I highly recommend you to try this out! You don’t have to bring powder for retouching. Just these sheets!

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15. ELF HD Blush
One biggest problem I have with sophie magic cream is it’s sooo hard to apply! If you want something that will last almost as good as Sophie but much easier to blend, I recommend you to try this HD Blushes. There are many shades to choose from. One bottle will lasts you more than a year. I’m not kidding! A little goes a long, long way!

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16. Nivea Fruity Lip Balm
I have seriously dry lips which explain why I hate wearing matte lipsticks! For every day, I’m very much satisfied with just lip balm on my lips. I like Nivea Fruity Lip Balm because it moisturizes my lips very well, it gives it a nice tint and shine in it!
17. Elf Moisturizing Lipsticks
Ravishing Rose has a really nice formulation compared to Winky Pink. Ravishing Rose is super moisturizing on lips, I even think it’s better than my EOS lip balm! When I have very cracked lips, I just use this and voila! Hello, kissable lips! (Though, Ravishing doesn’t look really good on me. But hands down, it has the best formulation!)

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18. Sleek Lipstick in Barely There
For natural-looking peachy pink color, I always opt for this shade! It’s a perfect everyday lip color that goes well with brown or orange blushes!

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19. Mac Lipstick in Ravishing
Orange will still be the trending shade for Summer! Ravishing is a lovely, corally shade that goes well with peachy blushes. It’s in Creamsheen formulation, so it won’t be drying. This is my favorite summer-lipstick!

20. Nyx Rls in Tea Rose
The lipstick I never get tired of repurchasing! 
Definitely, the best lipstick shade for my skintone! I really love how it compliments my everyday makeup. It goes so, so perfectly with light pink blushes. I don’t know if Nyx changed their formulation, but I really like the new formulation. It doesn’t melt on tube (unlike my Heredes which has the old packaging) and it’s quite long-lasting for a moisturizing lipstick!

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21. Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara
The best local mascara I have ever tried! I like it million times better than my Maybelline mascaras. It’s super affordable, and it doesn’t clump on me. The formulation keeps getting better as time goes by. It stays on the whole day but it’s not difficult to remove as my Maybelline falsies mascara.

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22. Essence Waterproof Eye pencil
Who would think that this affordable eye pencil will last on my waterline? This eyeliner has a great staying power for an eye pencil, although, it’s quite difficult to apply. This pencil will not glide well so you have to make sure to warm it up first by swiping this on tissue or on the back of your hands before applying on your eyes
23. Maybelline Makeup Remover
It does what it’s supposed to do. Removes makeup instantly. This makeup remover works well with my hard-to-remove Maybelline mascaras
24. Moonkini Flat Top Brush
Another affordable product that really works! I’ve been using this non-stop ever since I got it! I use this with any kind of foundations and it does a great job! For Php 150, this is seriously a must buy!

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25. Beauty Cosmetics Blending brush
For years and years, I have settled for my Elf Blending Brush. I still like it, though. But I found a new love in blending my eyeshadows! Thanks to Beauty Cosmetics for creating such wonderful brushes! I also use this to apply my setting powder on my undereyes.


  1. Waaaah super dami. We have the same faves on some of your items here. I'm gonna buy na the 3W powder soon! Been hearing lots of raves about it. :)

  2. yup, it's affordable pa.


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