Friday, March 28, 2014

Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

I was strolling around Watsons in SM Aura while waiting for BDJ Talk. Watsons is one place I always try to stay away from when I’m saving ‘cause it would be almost impossible for almost any beauty blogger to go out empty-handed.  LOL. With that said, I picked up few beauty things there before heading to the event. I’m glad my hand opted for affordable beauty products!

One of the things I purchased from there was WATSONS DEEP CLEANSING NOSE PORE STRIPS. I feel like I had to try this out since I’m having a huge problem with my blackheads on my nose area. And so, here are my thoughts on the product.

Price: Php 119 / box

“Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips clean clogged pores and help remove unwanted blackheads”

At first, I thought it was expensive. IWhite has an affordable whitehead removal cream that also works for me! One bottle lasted a very long time. But when I tried this one, I found out why it’s a bit pricier than IWhite. It’s more convenient to apply and is really effective! Worth every peso spent!

One box contains 10 sheets. I recommend using one to two sheets per week. So, one box will last approximately 2 months.


1. Make sure to clean your face first before applying this nose strip. It’s very important to CLEAN YOUR FACE especially the NOSE AREA. Make sure to remove the excess oil so that it will adhere better on your skin.

 2. After cleaning your face, wet the nose area. Make sure to wet it well for better result. The more damp your nose is, the better the nose strip will adhere. Then, apply the nose strip.

3. I like to wait for 15 minutes until the patch is already stiff and dry.

4. Peeling this off the nose is really, really painful especially for first-timers. But you’ll get used to it.

I like IWhite Nose Pack Cream but it’s quite tedious to use because it’s in cream-form. This pore strip is easy to use, more convenient and much more effective. I highly recommend it!

-easy to use since it’s in strips form
-affordable for 10 pcs of strips (will lasts 1-2 months)
-removes more blackheads/whiteheads as compared to most strips I’ve tried
-available in local market

-painful to remove
-has strong scent


  1. Thank you for the review! I might as well buy a pack when I get back to Manila ♥

  2. Wow this seemed to work really well for you! I've only used the Glamworks nose strips so far (Charcoal and Green tea variants) and they are okay too.

  3. Hmnmm....interesting! I want to try this out eventhough its painful. It seems like a great one to try out. This will be in my purchase list.

  4. Hi Eloisa! :)

    I will buy this tomorrow. I am not sure if this was the same one I bought before, and I was not able to use all because the sticky side after some time loses its power to stick. Do I make sense? haha! :)

    Will give it another go! :D

  5. Hi everyone! You girls should definitely try this one. it works really well!

  6. I am using this nose strip too and it works...sometimes. Hahaha I have sweaty nose sooo. What I don't like about this product is it smells horrible! Ugh

  7. I will try this..thanks for the review!

  8. Annie San AndresJune 8, 2014 at 10:33 PM

    Hi hnd b nangati yung nose mu aftr m alisin kc my na try din aq b4 frm watson din ang kati aftr mu tanggalin?! Thanks!

  9. Hi Annie, mas makati pag nasa ilong pa yung nose strips. kelangan tiisin talaga. pag tinanggal naman, medyo makati. pero apply lng ako ng ice to lessen the itchiness and close the pores

  10. I use glamworks nose pore strips in charcoal. It has 12 strips in one pack which costs 100-120. I can't remember. But it's great too. :)

  11. Whoa. Na-shock ako sa itsura nung strip after being removed. Hehe. Sorry. Effective pala talaga.. :)

  12. yes. effective! might buy another box soon.

  13. Ginamit ko yung charcoal na ganyan super effective din! yun ang pinaka effective na pore strip na nagamit ko!


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo