Thursday, April 17, 2014



“There is always rainbow after the rain.”

After all the controversies, here she is… stronger than ever! And take note, with a newly opened AV MAKEUP STUDIO! 

April 11, 2014 – Everyone gathered to celebrate the opening of AV Makeup Studio! Of course, I wouldn’t miss it! Actually, handang handa ako! I even had my hair done at the salon near our house. LOL.

For my makeup, I decided to simply do it myself. Afterall, I’m a product of Glaminar Makeup Artisty!!

The theme for the event is “Highness/Royalty.” And so I opted to go for an “Elegant-makeup-look.” It was just an easy makeup look; let me know if you want a separate post for this look. I’ll try to redo it for you!

I came to the event very early at around 6pm. I’m the earliest bird. Too bad, no worms to catch! But at least, I got the chance to take some pictures of the beautiful venue. 

After few hours, the guests started coming in. Of course, I sit beside my blogger friends Celline of Product Arena, Yette of Yettezkie's Doodles and Kim of Kimpossibly Gorgeous.

The event started with a Prayer and Opening Remarks by of course, the Queen of the Night, Ana Victorino. I really love her dress!! She looks soooo gorgeous, right? Believe me; she’s even prettier in person!

AV Team really spent a lot of efforts to make this event a success! 

They prepared delicious foods...


And small presentation (modelling!)

Ana did the makeup of the models! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take good shots of the models. I was sitting in the middle part of the venue and the camera I bought is just so so. So, I had to grab these pictures from Go check out their post on Ana Victorino’s opening HERE.

Credit to:
It was already late and the four of us decided not to finish the event. But of course, before we left the venue, we made sure to visit the AV Studio!

The Studio is really beautiful, di ba? AV Team really did a great job!! 

Once again, Congratulations Ana Victorino, Ate Myla and the rest of the Team! 

Success never comes easy. There will always be difficulties, but these will make you realize your hidden potentials and will develop you to a person you never thought you'll be! I wish you all the best, AV Team!  

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  1. Ana's one of my fave youtube beauty/ makeup guru, she looks like a doll. Your look really looks WOW! :) Simple and classy ♥

  2. Yay, goal achieved! i really opted to go for classy look.
    Thank you. hugggss!

  3. First time I heard of a makeup studio. Didn't know what services or products they offer.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo