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Tea Tree Oil has been a popular remedy for acne. I made a review few years ago about my well-loved The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, and this amazing product was featured in one of my top picks for the month of March HERE. A small bottle costs me around Php 500 which is a really pricey for 10 ml of product (but it works!). 

So, imagine my curiosity when I saw an affordable brand selling a concealer with Tea Tree Oil?! This might be a steal!


Just like any other liquid concealer, it is housed in a typically tube concealer packaging with applicator. The applicator has a nice quality, it applies the product decently.


It has a minty-scent, very similar to my TBS Tea Tree Oil. So, I guess their claim on having tea tree oil in their formulation is quite legit. Though, I really don’t know how much Tea tree oil this product contains. 


I got it in “Oriental.” It might appear lighter when swatched but it blends just perfectly on skin. 

I like how it makes my eyes look more awake. I definitely think that this is a great undereye concealer because of the brightening effect it gives! 

However, I was informed by Chloe (a reader of mine) thru my fan page that we shouldn’t put tea tree oil anywhere near our eyes. The curious side of me made a research and found out that while it is a good product for blemishes and acne, it can cause serious danger when it comes in contact with your eyes. It can cause temporary blurriness. Worse, it can have serious reaction with the cornea of the eyes. 

This might be the reason why my eyes sting whenever I put pure tea tree oil near my eyes. It stings, just like how alcohol stings. Though, I only experience very little of that “sting-y” sensation with this concealer, I wouldn’t really recommend to take the risk. 

So, I gave this up as my undereye concealer. And now, it’s just sitting on my makeup kit waiting to be used again. Hahaha! I only use concealer for undereyes. I rarely cover any pimple marks with concealer. In short, I don’t know what to do with this product now that I can’t use it on my eyes! LOL


The reason why I like it on my undereyes is because it’s very light and liquidy. It blends easily on skin. It doesn’t cake as well! All these good stuff--- just perfect for an undereye concealer, right?

As pimple concealer, I would say it doesn’t do much of “hiding” stuff. It has a surprisingly sheer coverage. It may cover minor or very little scars from acne, but for angry acne, it will not do as much. 


You might think it’s a steal for Php 80, but I find this useless for me. (But that’s just me!) You may still use this as a concealer for blemishes since it contains tea tree oil which will help you heal your blemishes. For Php 80, not bad. Tea Tree Oil is really pricey.

But if you can afford to purchase the TBS Tea Tree Oil or pure tea tree oil, I would recommend buying the “pure” oil instead. The cool thing about having the pure one is you can customize your own “tea tree” makeup.  For instance, you can put few drops of tea tree oil in your foundation. You may also put tea tree oil if you have a separate concealer to hide blemishes. The best thing? You’ll know the amount of tea tree oil you’re putting on your product, so the probability that it will heal your blemishes is higher.

  • Affordable
  • Contains Tea Tree
  • Can be purchase almost anywhere, even in 7eleven!
  • Blends perfectly on skin
  • Not cakey
  • Very light on skin

  • cannot be use as undereyes concealer
  • sheer coverage
  • doesn't really concealer pimple marks

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  1. I have this too and it did not live up to my expectations as well. I usually use concealers under my eyes too, so this one won't do that.

  2. Aww made me sad naman. I was thinking of using this as a foundation nalang e kasi most of my pimple marks are located in my chin and cheeks. Darkest shade na ba ang oriental sis?

  3. Ooh, thanks for the note regarding Tea tree oil. Maybe that's the reason why my eyes sting whenever I use my makeup remover, lol. :D

  4. Yeah, me too! glad Chloe informed me about that tea tree oil thingy hehe!

  5. Hi Roscin, no. it's kinda light sis

  6. yup! you don't have pimples naman kasi, Juvy! hehe

  7. I thought this is a nice concealer, I was disappointed because it cannot conceal my pimple marks.
    ~Pauline @

  8. Hi! Okay kea to sa dark pimple marks? Thanks...


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo