Thursday, April 3, 2014


Long time ago, I used to have this Elf Crème Liner. I mentioned in my Mac Gel Linerpost that I find Mac more worthy than this Elf, and I get more value for my money. Mac Gel Liner, though expensive, lasted me almost 2.5 years, while my Elf Crème Liner dried out completely after 2 months.

I have read millions of review on this product thereafter. Majority of the reviews were positive about this product, I wonder why mine did not last. So, after a few years, I decided to give it another chance.

It took me a while before I could repurchase this, it has been long out-stock in the local market. After a few months of inquiring at several Elf stores, I finally had the chance to spot some at SM Sta. Mesa and I immediately bought it.

So far, I have this pot for 3 months now and I’m really surprised that it hasn’t dried out yet unlike my previous pot from Elf.


Elf says,
“Creates smooth lines that are defined and precise. Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant coverage for all day wear to combat against, sweat, tears and rain”


The packaging is sleek-looking even though it’s housed in a plastic-jar. It is very durable, it fell out of my hands many times already.

This crème liner came with a small slanted brush which I don’t really use. I find this brush a bit thicker for my taste. I wish the brush included was as good as the brush I have in Maybelline gel liner. But hey, I got this only for Php 250 while Maybelline costs me Php 449.

I like using this with Maybelline eyeliner brush and Fanny Serrano Eyeliner brush. Though recently, I have been really enjoying applying this with my Beauty Cosmetics Bent Eyeliner Brush. 

The thing with Straight eyeliner brush, it blocks my view while applying and it takes more effort to apply in the inner corner of my eyes. 

I notice that Bent eyeliners do not feel scratchy on my eyes. The bristles are firm and yet soft.


It has a very rich and creamy texture! It goes really, really smoothly on eyes. If you’re a newbie for gel liner, this would be a great product to use.

The pigmentation is great, as well! The black is really intense.

Left: Elf Creme Liner, right: FS Gel liner

I’ve seen a lot of beauty gurus use this as base for black eyeshadows because it’s long-lasting. The staying power is really good. It’s a lot better than my Maybelline or Fanny Serrano gel liner. Though, Elf still fades at the end of the day on my eyes. Mind you, my lids have been really oily these past few days. It would be better to use primer to make it lasts longer


I realized that the one I have before might be an old product in the store since it has dried up so fast. This product that I got recently is really rich and creamy. I believe this is freshly manufactured since it has been long out of stock here in local market.

I’m really happy that it hasn’t even dried up yet! I have been using this for 3 months now. It still glides smoothly on my eyes!

For Php 250, this is the best cheapest gel liner I’ve used so far. No doubt, I like this better than my Maybelline and Fanny Serrano.

-available locally
-affordable at Php 250 (even cheaper online)
-creamy consistency, glides with so much ease
-does not smudge, budge; water-resistant
-available in several shades
-little goes a long way

-can fade and transfer when lids are oily
-slanted brush included is thick

Have you girls tried this Elf Creme Liner? What's your fave gel liner? Let me know! 

Until then, my loves! xoxo
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  1. Hi! Is it hard to apply? I'm adamant to purchase one :S

  2. I am not really a fan of gel liners, but your review post makes me wanna try them! :)


  3. Can't help but notice your perfect brows! Haha! I will def try this out once I ran out of my current gel liner. :)


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