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Being in an “almost-boy-like” course, I was never used to wearing too much makeup on my face. I just wear the usual eyebrow-thingy and powder. I rarely wear lipstick back in college years, just few tinted lip balms and I’m good to go! But recently, I’ve been seeing girls wearing red lipsticks on their lips and it really looks great on them! Red lipstick adds attitude to one’s look. It’s classy and timeless! 

I tried experimenting with different kinds of red lippies, testing which of these I can pull-off. Since I’m a pink lippie person, I started with wearing bolder pink lipstick that is almost red-like. Then, little by little, I went bolder and bolder!

And finally, last April 17 I found a courage to wear red lipstick!!! I even posted this picture on my instagram *blushed*

The red I’m wearing in this picture is a popular yet affordable red lipstick from EVER BILENA in LOVE THAT RED. I first became interested with this shade when I saw Ana Victorino wearing it. And so, when I went to Ever  Bilena stall in Watsons, I immediately purchase it without even bothering swatching it! LOL. Just then, I realized at home that the shade looks exactly like my ELF Matte Lip Color. *Darn*

Nevertheless, here are my thoughts on the product:


Ever Bilena says,
Pure Impact, pure luxury. Ultra matte finish! The only matte lipstick that makes your lips stay supple and smooth. Delicately developed with long wearing formula that accentuates and pamper your lips. Incredibly luxurious with Vitamin E that gives your lips the natural moisture


Just like all the other Matte Lipstick I reviewed from Ever Bilena, it came into a black matte plastic packaging which is perfect as it’s not prone to fingerprints. It’s light and not bulky, at all! 

The Matte Lipstick has color cap to help you identify the shade of the lipstick, very useful if you have tons of lipsticks in your kikay kit. Though some claims that the color cap tends to fall out easily, I never had that problem with this lipstick. 


I was expecting this to be drying since it’s a matte. But surprisingly, it’s not! And I don’t think it’s matte, either! I would say it’s a semi-matte because the shade reflects the light on my lips. I find this moisturizing, as well.

I never had any issue with the application itself. It applies easily, without tugging. (something I would never expect with a matte lipstick)

The only thing that I really, really hate about this (and with all other red lipsticks!) is how high maintenance it is to use this kind of bold lipstick! I rarely use Lip Brush in applying my lipstick but with this lipstick, I just couldn't do it perfectly without using lip brush.


Overall, it’s a great product for beginners or if you just want to try red lippies. The thing with red lipstick is that you have to do it right in order to make the product works for you. Yes, I hated it at first. But once done correctly, you will definitely appreciate this kind of shade!


1. Moisturize your lips. If you need to exfoliate, exfoliate your lips.

My lips are in really chappy condition now. Please bear with me ^_^
Apply generous amount of lip balm on your lips before you do your makeup to give enough time for the lip balm to be absorbed. You may use tissue to dab off the extra balm on your lips to avoid lipstick from slipping off.

2.  Outline your lips with your lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding. If you make a mistake, be sure to swipe it off using a cotton buds (for cleaner look, use cotton buds with makeup remover)

3. Apply the lipstick using a lip brush for precise application.

4. Blot your lips using Gatsby Powdered Blotting sheet instead of the conventional blotting-tissue thingy. Blotting it with Gatsby will help absorbed the excess oil /product on your lips and make the lipstick appear matte.

5. Reapply lipstick

6. Dab just a bit of foundation or concealer around your lips for fuller looking lips (same with eyebrow shaping trick). 



  • Remember: Less is more! Wear less makeup as much as possible. Concentrate in perfecting your skin. Nothing looks better with red lipstick than having a perfectly bright skin. Conceal all imperfections. If you have to wear eye makeup, wear one-color of eyeshadow.  (Or you may skip wearing eye makeup, just line your eyes and curl your lashes!)
  • You can have a matching blush but wear it ever lightly. You may dab the same red lipstick on your cheeks to give you a just natural flush. Don’t overdo it. 
  • Remember to wear your red lipstick with courage. For someone who rarely wear red lipstick, it will definitely shock anyone to see me with that bold lips.But don't mind them, it takes alot of courage to rock a red lips. You’re gorgeous, you’re sexy. You deserve to wear red lipstick!

  • affordable at Php 165
  • can be purchase almost anywhere, even at 7eleven!
  • applies easily without tugging
  • moisturizing on lips
  • has a good staying power
  • brightens up skin

  • not matte
  • high maintenance
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  1. I've tried their matte lipsticks too and am amazed at hoe nice they were!!! Have you tried the nudes from that collection? Super ayos. Lakas maka J.Lo nung Skin!

  2. wow ang gaganda ng mag picture mo sis,,

  3. thanks sis! todo effort. hirap dn kasi mag isang magpic ng sarili. hehe!

  4. yeah, try mo. ngiging long lasting yung lipstick

  5. i've tried mauvey hehe! hindi masadong nag-appear yung shade sa lips ko T.T

  6. Oh I haven't tried that. Basta my fave from them is yung "Skin"

  7. this is more of tomato red shade. however sayang naman if theyre super the same with your elf. anyway, nagkaron tuloy ako ng initiative ayusing yung mga lipstick ko and wear more bold colors.

  8. Since college Ive always loved ever bilena matte lipsticks kasi Im not into shiny lipsticks feeling ko kasi kumain ako ng lechon sa pagkashiny.. Hehe! Isa pa di ako comfortable magwear ng shiny lipstick nacoconscious ako lagi. Ewan ko,ako lang ata ganun.. Pero going back to ever bilena,with your review I think I might purchase one soon

  9. Btw,thanks din sa tips on do's and dont's pag naka red lipstick napaka informative and helpful..

  10. bold colors are really nice sa special occassion, mas nagstay longer on lips and headturner tlaga

  11. yes, blotting it will remove shine sis

  12. you're always welcome sis

  13. Thank you sa tips on how to apply lipstick.>Fav ko tlaga itong post na ito, takot tlaga ko mag apply ng red lipctick baka d babagay saken but now, i should buy one :D

  14. try and try lng sis. it took me years of practice and boosting of courage bgo ako nakasuot ng red lippies haahaa

  15. i love the super red lipstick... so sexy and elegant..... RED LIPSTICK so Seductive.

  16. hahaha! parang bagay lang sya sa mga sophisticated ladies kasi kaya sabi ko parang d yata pwede saken, pero sa post na ito na encourage ako i;m just waiting for my red lipstick to arrive hehee! (Kapalan ng mukha :D)

  17. Thanks sa tips ate. Try mo din yung isang shade ng red nila yung "Scarlet" maganda din sya :)


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