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The Queen’s Essentials, a skincare company operating for 3 years already, have now entered the online selling trend. They contacted me a few weeks ago to try out some of their “signature” products. 

With that said, the company sent me the following products to test them out.

  • PINKISH GLOW SET, a set that offers smooth, fairer and Rosy White Glow. This set includes 60ml Pinkish Glow Toner, 10 g Pinkish Glow Cream, 10g Bleaching Cream and their Intensive Whitening Soap. You get all of these items for only Php 499.
  • Intense Whitening Scrub priced at Php 175 each, which is currently on 5 plus 1 promo. Buy 5 soaps and get 1 free for only Php 875.
  • Triple Whitening Lotion (aka Bleaching Lotion) costs Php 200 per bottle
  • Lastly, the company is too kind to send me this Botox Gel (10 g trial pack) which costs around Php 150. 

I have ONLY been using these products religiously for two weeks to ensure the reliability of my review on these skincare products. 



Every morning and night, I use Intense Whitening Soap to wash my face and body. The soap is slightly scented. It's soapy enough, and lathers well. On my body, I prefer using it with a scrubber. 

Since it lathers really well, it has the tendency to melts off easily. It is best to cut it into pieces and make sure to store it in a less-moist area after every use.

I like to leave it on my skin for a few seconds until it feels dry and tightened. After that, I rinse it with water. Surprisingly, my skin feels moisturized. I’ve tried several whitening soaps, and most of them give me a dry-feeling after every wash.

Also, 3 times a week, I exfoliate my body with Intense Whitening Scrub. 

The scent is too mild, though I enjoy scrubs with overwhelming scents that linger on my body even after few hours of bathing. I like the texture of this scrub. It isn't too rough, just enough to remove dead skin cells. I let the scrub stay for 1-2 mins on my body then lathering it with intense whitening soap. My skin feels softer afterwards.

After taking a bath, I apply Intense Whitening Lotion all over my body. It has a sweet fruity scent. The thing I like about this product is that a little of it goes a long way. This bottle can last a month or more.

Also, on my face, I like to use Whitening Toner and Botox Gel every morning. 

Botox gel has got to be my favorite product among the bunch. You know, I’m a sucker for Anti-ageing products. Botox gel has a unique formulation that help improves skin texture and elasticity, and help protect the skin from free radicals. 

It dries up quickly. For the first few seconds of the application, my skin feels sticky. Then, after another seconds, my skin quickly absorbs the product. I notice that with everyday use, my skin’s texture had improved. It feels more supple and healthy.

Before going to bed, I like washing my face again with Intense Whitening Soap. Then, I apply Pinkish Glow Cream on my face. 

I leave it for few minutes then apply Bleaching Cream.


So that’s my skincare routine for the entire two weeks. So far, I haven’t experienced any breakouts. My facial skin tends to react easily with skincare products. 

  • I have noticed that my face lightened and brightened, though I really didn’t see the “pinkish” or “rosy” white glow as promised by the product. 
  • I have been pushing my skin to its limit by sleeping very late (12 am earliest, I even slept 4am for 2 consecutive days) every night but I did not experience any major break out, just few zits here and there (due to my monthly period, as well). My skin is definitely far from perfection, but I feel contented that it never looked too tired. In fact, it feels smoother and softer.
  • Another thing I noticed, my skin tends to oil up a lot more now. My face tends to be like a greasy ball after few hours. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather or the products I used. I guess, I’ll have to give myself few more days to observe my skin condition. The weather has great impact on skin, too! 
  • Lastly, though I noticed improvements on my facial skin, I haven’t seen any changes on my body. My skin didn't lighten as I was hoping it would. But, that’s okay, most of the whitening product I use works well on my facial skin but not on my body. I think I need major treatment to whiten my body or to intake glutathione! LOL
Overall, these products worked well on me! It made my skin softer, smoother, lighter and brighter. I really, really like the BOTOX Gel. 

To know more about the products I reviewed, like their fan page HERE and follow them on Instagram HERE.

They have SALE/PROMO on their site every now and then.

And oh, you can get a chance to try these items... stay tuned! Will announce the mechanics in a week or two.  

Disclaimer: Every skin is different. Each individual's skin reacts differently towards certain products. What works for me may not work for you.  

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