Sunday, May 11, 2014

Love Shoppingholics: Natural 3 Tone Gray Contact Lenses

Love is an online company that sells wide range of contact lenses from different trusted brands! They offer international shipping, ladies and gentlemen! So rest assured, you can order your contact lenses from anywhere in the World.

So this is how my package looks like when I received it. 

They sent me a personal thank you note too together with the package!

Together with the contact lenses, I saw this cute contact lens case which I believe is free when you order your lenses from Love Shoppingholics.

The package is pretty secured with bubble wrap, so if you avail international shipping, no worries, your package will arrive safe and sound.

The shipping was fast too. It took around 15 working days to reach my place. Some people who ordered from the same site was able to get their lenses in less than 2 weeks (shipping duration varies depending on your location).

So now, here's my thoughts on the lenses sent to me.


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Diameter: 14.5 mm
Life Span: 1 year

You can see all the essential information about the product at the back of the bottle including the manufacturing date and validity date of the lenses.


I really love the design, the design is a bit complicated since it has three tones but it really does look natural on my eyes. It appears grey-ish blue, absolutely beautiful! 

The outer black rim surrounds the inner region which has a two-colors perfectly blended together. This has a yellow sunburst in the inner part, perhaps to act as a transition color from your natural eye color to the greyish shade. I must say that this blends nicely on my eyes. 

The diameter of 14.5mm is just enough to make my eyes appear larger. I just love how it adds extra-glow on my eyes. It gives my eyes a nice pop, without making it look abnormally large.


I find this very comfy to wear. I used to wear contact lenses a lot, but recently I find wearing eyeglasses more convenient. But I had to admit, there are times that I find it really necessary to wear contact lenses especially if I need to go to event that will require me to look extra fabulous. 

I normally wear contact lenses for 6 hours at most because my eyes are bit sensitive now. I could definitely wear these contact lenses for 6 hours straight without hurting my eyes.

If you’re a frequent contact lenses wearer, you can probably wear this more than 6 hours.


I really like this! If you’re looking for contact lenses that is natural looking but still noticeable, you might want to try this out! 


Before I end up this review, I have two good news for you! 

First, Loveshoppingholics is currently having Mother’s promotion, if you BUY 2 contact lenses, you can get 1 FREE ON ANY CIRCLE LENS YOU PURCHASE! So, if you have girlfriends, it would be wise if you order together to save on shipping and avail this promo!

  • Free random pair lenses when you purchase 2 pairs lenses and above
  • Free register airmail shipping for order over $50
  • Free cute animal lens case per lens ordered
  • Free eye mask or face mask for every order you purchase
  • Promo is from April 28 to May 12, 2014 only

Secondly, you can get a chance to WIN A CONTACT LENSE FROM LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS thru KikaySiMaria. All you have to do is to follow the steps in Rafflecopter embedded in this post. Goodluck Ladies!
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