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Browhaus invited me together with other bloggers to witness their most advanced eyebrow technology aka “PhD of Eyebrow treatment”, the “Brow Resurrection 2.4” at Browhaus Lucky Chinatown. 
Browhaus is your one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but function and style.
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Each Browhaus has different theme! As for the Lucky Chinatown, it has an outdoor theme.


At the event, while waiting for the rest of the bloggers to arrive, we were offered to try Brow Construction - or most commonly called "Eyebrow Threading."

Mona, the therapist, greeted me warmly. I was instructed to sit in their very comfy reclining chair. 
Then the brow construction (nice name, by the way!) began! The brow architect (since this is construction) or therapist started by applying powder on my eyebrows. Then she began tweezing and threading my brows. It was painless, before I knew it, the process was already done!  Brow construction normally takes 15-20 minutes. After the threading session, the therapist will apply “ice cream” to lessen redness of your brows. 

If you’re going somewhere, and you feel naked without filling your eyebrows, you can even ask the therapist to apply some eyebrow shadows for you. Browhaus has a really nice eyebrow set that costs around Php 800, it did lasts the entire day on my brows.

I took a BEFORE and AFTER shot of my eyebrows. 
At a glance, it wasn’t really noticeable since I groomed my brows every once in a while. 
But if you’ll look closely, it made my eyebrows more defined and neat! It’s easier for me to fill my eyebrows, too! Imagine, the next day, I was able to fill my eyebrows in just 2 minutes! Perfect!


Then, after the brow construction, we met Ms. Tab Abad-Estacion, Browhaus’ managing director. She introduced Brow Resurrection 2.4. 
I first heard of Brow Resurrection from my sister who works in Singapore. According to her, most of her co-workers have done this treatment and she plans to have her eyebrows done this year. 

Anyway, to those who haven’t heard about Brow Resurrection, 

Brow Resurrection is a semi-permanent treatment for brows that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke, finer than normal brow embroidery techniques. 

According to Tab, this is a lot way better than the typical eyebrow tattoos. This uses several needles with different thickness to mimic the natural eyebrows hairs. So, unlike typical tattoos, it looks more natural.

For the Demo, we were introduced to Ms. Tina, Ms. Marj Sia and Ms. Couch Wasabi. They will undergo the treatment, and the bloggers will have to witness how Brow Resurrection will magically transform their eyebrows. 

The therapists started cleaning their eyebrows by tweezing and shaving it. 
Then, using a unique pencil exclusively made for Browhaus, the therapist started drawing the perfect brows for them.
After then, therapists will apply a superior numbing cream to ensure that the process will be less traumatic for the patient. They were asked to wait for few minutes for the cream to take effect. 
After few minutes, the therapists began etching the patients’ eyebrows using a special tools and vegetable dye (they get to choose the shade that suit their natural hair color) to mimic the thickness of their natural hairs so it will look more natural than drawn.
The entire process only takes about 90 minutes and voila, say hello to beautiful and natural-looking look brows! 
from Couch Wasabi

So here comes the most important question? 

How much it will cost you to have that treatment? 

Honestly, it will cost you a pretty penny! Exact amount? Php 38,000 (For full brows) – it’s a hefty amount of money if you ask me. But of course, if you can shell out that amount of money instantly without having to worry if you can eat tomorrow, then go ahead! This is really worth it! Imagine the time and effort you’ll be able to save by waking up with perfect eyebrows ( I should know, I spend good amount of 5-20 minutes on my eyebrows alone). 

I would also highly recommend this for people who have been called “Mona-Lisa” all their life. I know how having bad eyebrows affect one’s confidence. If you think that this will boost your confidence to face the crowd, you definitely have to try this!

Think of this as investment. Look for long-term benefits of having this treatment done. If you have listed more PROS than CONS, then, this is a worthy investment!

THIS video will help you decide whether Brow Resurrection will fit your lifestyle.

Just like many things in this World, we might not always get what we want (like good-looking eyebrows) but you can always work for what you want…with of course, a little help from Browhaus! 

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  1. OMG, ang ganda! Sayang hindi ako naka-attend. >.<

  2. Sayang!! They're very generous pa naman, aside from Brow construction, we were given complimentary browgraphy gc, bdj planner and products from Browhaus.

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  5. Wow! For a brow 38k pricey nga sis...pero it really looks nice sobra :) I haven`t tried threading my brows but I'm planning pero di ko afford pa yan hehehe...

  6. yupppp! kht ako siguroooo. can't afford!

  7. Hi, can you recommend any brow architect for brow resurrection?

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  9. Hi ask ko lang if nagfafade ba yang eyebrows mo? Or you still have it?


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