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For years, I have always wondered if there is really a right way of cleaning my makeup brushes or does it matter if I clean my brushes in the right way or not. Then, like an answered prayer, I stumbled upon Michelle Phan’s video on how she cleans her brushes! I must admit, ever since I started watching youtube videos, I just can't get enough of her videos: it’s simple yet I learned a lot from it! And now, I’m going to share with you how I clean my makeup brushes inspired by Mich’s tutorial.


There are many brush cleaners out in the market; I only have tried one from Ellana. Brush cleaners are really convenient to use especially if you’re on-the-go kind of person and have no time to wash your brushes daily. But of course, nothing really beats washing your brushes in a conventional way. It’s more effective and less expensive! So, even if you rely on brush cleaners, it’s important to at least clean your brushes once a week with soap and water.


1. Run the bristles with water, obviously
2. Wash the bristles with anti-bacterial liquid detergent/soap and olive oil. I learned from Mich’s video that while Shampoo and regular soap clean brushes well, these don’t really disinfect. Back in my Chemistry class, I learned that regular soap isn’t really designed to kill bacteria, but it acts as surfactant that lifts dirt off the surface. Anti-bacterial agent such as triclosan or triclocarban does not only remove dirt but also kills the bacteria and microbes. However, I also learned that in order for triclosan to work, you need to leave it for 2 minutes before rinsing it off. 
So basically, I just cleaned my makeup brushes with anti-bacterial soap (in this case, I use Safeguard) and olive oil and leave it for 2 minutes. 
Olive oil does not only clean the brushes but also recondition the bristles to bring back moisture. Just make sure to rinse it well.
3. Towel-dry your brushes to remove excess water. 
4. Lay the brushes upside down on the towel overnight. Use brush guard to protect your brush.
Brush guards are amazing to keep your brushes safe and sound, in perfect shape and preserve brushes for longer. I mostly use brush guard after cleaning my brushes, I just love how it keeps my brush in its perfect shape, especially the brushes that are pointed/tapered like blending brushes. You can buy 15 pcs Makeup brush guard at Pretty Angel Shoppe for only Php 150. 
How about you girls, how do you clean your makeup brushes? Don't forget to comment and share your thoughts on this post! 
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  1. First, I wash them with a bit of powder detergent to get all the foundation, concealer, and eyebrow powder out of the bristles. After that, I soak them in water with moisturizing hand soap for a bit. I then towel dry the bristles then lay them on a hand towel to air dry. :)

  2. I use Daiso brush detergent to clean my brushes~ but I also share the same method with you to dry the brushes. Brush guard really help to make my brush dry in perfect shape <3

  3. I am currently using Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner and the Koren Zander Pro Brush Soap. Both works well, but I will be trying Safeguard and Olive Oil next time. Yay!

  4. Yay, thanks Juvy!

  5. true, i can really see the difference pag may brush guard and wala. thanks sis

  6. Thanks Aviva for sharing your way to clean your brushes. you might want to try my steps soon. thanks!

  7. its mt first time to saw a brush guard looks great i have brushes also and its a big help for me thank u for sharing this tip. puede pla olive oil sa paglinis ng brush. brlliant idea sis thank u.


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