Sunday, June 1, 2014


By just staring at this brush, who would think that this brush would only cost Php 300? This is my third brush from the same brand, and I can assure you with the high quality of the Moonkini Brushes. 



I always think that Black and Gold is such a classic combination, it makes everything extra-fabulous. You wouldn't be shy bringing this out of your kikay kit for quick touch-ups.

This moonkini has a mid-length handle; it fits perfectly on my kikay kit!


The bristles are soft, large and fluffy and are very helpful in spreading a thin layer of powder for a natural-looking skin. 

The right densities of the bristles pick up the perfect amount of powder and distribute it flawlessly and effortlessly onto the skin.  

This works amazingly with compact or loose powders. It’s ideal for setting foundation as well! You can also use this to blend everything on your face. 


I have washed this brush for the first time, and the bristles did not bleed nor did it shed. Some brushes bleed during their first wash, but that’s normal! Bleeding is when a black/dark dye comes out of the brushes when you wash it. Worry not, good quality brushes should stop bleeding after few washes.

This brush, in spite of the price tag, was exceptional. This did not shed even a single bristle! 

At Php 300, you’ll also get a good quality brush guard that is made especially for this brush. Brush guard is a flexible sheath that slips over a brush to give makeup brushes the maximum protection. It helps brushes to dry in perfect shape. I will talk more about Brush Guard on a separate post, don’t worry!

Moonkini brush after drying..


This is definitely a MUST-HAVE! Just like my previous Moonkini brushes, this brush gives a really great value for your money. Brushes do not really have to be expensive. High price does not always guarantee quality. These Moonkini brushes are really affordable, and yet the quality is really exceptional. I highly recommend all the moonkini brushes I’ve tried!  

To check my review on my previous moonkini brushes, click HERE.

  • not scratchy at all
  • bristles are really soft
  • never bled nor shed hairs
  • brush guard included
  • high-end looking brush
  • exceptionally quality yet affordable price tag


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  1. wow this reminds me of my charm powder brush =)

  2. Thanks Rhania, I havent tried Charm brushes yet

  3. You can buy this one at @ilikeshopbylorifrance for only 200 pesos. Same brush din po sya. Mas mura pa yung mga products nya. Share ko lang po.

  4. How do I purchase the angled Kabuki brush?


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo