Sunday, July 20, 2014


Here’s a funny fact about me: I almost never brush my hair - yes, you read it right. If I would have to estimate how many times I brush my hair, I would say, maybe once or twice a month. They say, combing your hair is extremely important, it adds life, shine and volume to your hair. But, I never found the need to. I mean, my hair is perfectly fine with finger combing. 

If you’re wondering, I had my first ever hair-coloring last September (at Victor Ortega Salon) and had it rebonded 3-months after. And I’m so happy with how it turned out! I just loved it! Now, I’m planning to dye my hair again soon. I’m just saving money since my hair is quite long! Perhaps, hair salon sponsors? LOL 

Anyway, recently I found a really great product that works amazing with my hair! I rarely go to Salon for hair treatment because it’s quite pricey for my taste. If you’re like me, you might want to try this product. This product was personally purchased by my sister and not sponsored.


Watsons says,

"Enjoy a salon treatment for your hair at home! Watsons Beer Treatment Wax is formulated with Beer and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. It deeply nourishes and adds volume to your hair, leaving it full of ounce and vitality after use”


One of my fave things about buying Watsons-branded product is the affordability of their items. Also, most of their items are in Buy 1 Take 1 promo! If I remember it correctly, my sister got this for Php 249 in buy 1 take 1 promo!!


The product came in this huge tub! It contains 500 ml of products --- huge amount for the cheap price tag, really! 


Okay, the consistency is quite cute and well, uhm, unique? It has a shiny pearl-y waxy texture, and it’s very thick. It doesn’t run down even turned upside down. 

The scent? I really suck at describing scent but it smells really light and florally. 


Apparently, beer is good for hair. It is said to make hair stronger, shinier and bouncy! Who wouldn’t want that? So next time your dad buys beer for him, steal some! Tipid na, nakatulong ka pang bawasan ang pag-inom ni Daddy! LOL. Just kidding!

Anyway, I have been using this for quite a while now and I love every bit of it!

It made my hair smooth, soft and shiny after every use! If I may borrow a shampoo’s tagline to describe the effect of this product, “Gandang parang pinasalon!” talaga. 

For the price and the result, I will definitely recommend this to all my readers! As for the volumizing or thickening effects, unfortunately, I haven’t seen any difference yet! But certainly, the smooth and soft result it gives my hair (plus the affordability) are enough reasons for me to repurchase it again.  
  • Affordable, Php 249 (with Buy1 Take1 promo)
  • Made my hair super soft, smooth and shiny after wash!
  • Has a nice floral scent

  • so far, no volumizing effects on my hair

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  1. once or 2x a month? hala naloka ako dun ah hahaha ako nga naguguilty pa sa hair ko kasi once a day lang talaga ako nagsusuklay.. feeling ko kasi naglalagas hair ko kapag nagsusuklay.. May na try ko dati na watsons hair spa ata un buy1 take 1 ang ok lang sa kanya talaga lalambot ung hair mo at ung amoy nya ang bango bango

  2. yup, mura lang, yung ibang treatment kasi same effect pero mas pricey! hehe!

  3. Hello Miss. Do you think this will help make thin hair thicker? I have thin hair, and it`s almost fragile. It`s not that strong but it`s straight, smooth, shiny and looks healthy. I don`t use much products on my hair too.

  4. I don't brush my hair often too, but I have short hair and you have really nice long hair! Btw, have you posted any reviews on Bobbie Cosmetics? It's good and really affordable! :D

  5. Nope, havent tried it one yet!

  6. so far, i havent seen any difference yet

  7. Okay. Thank you for replying.

  8. How often do you use this?

  9. how often do i have to use it? :) thanks


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo