Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kate Tokyo Colorcious Eye shadow Palette

Kate Tokyo is known for their eyeshadow palettes. My friend who happens to be a hoarder of Kate products recommended their eyeshadows to me and I’m pretty happy with this palette because I never had anything like this before (I don’t own a lot of palette, by the way!).


Kate Tokyo say, 
The shine of colored diamonds creates wide eyes. A 5-shade eye shadow palette featuring the shades and shine of colored diamonds to create beautiful, lustrous, and wide eyes as the shades are applied


I noticed that they are minimalist in designing their packaging. Their packaging is either in white or black, I honestly prefer black. It looks more sleek! 

This eyeshadow comes in a plastic compact with clear windows. The three eyeshadows in the middle have diamond-like effect in their plastic windows.

When you open the palette itself, you’ll notice that the three center eyeshadows are embossed and have a jewel-like shape. I would say, these three eyeshadows are the “main” shades of this palette.


The shade I have is called “GN-1.” I think GN stands for Green. I actually bought this palette because of this moss-green shade. This kind of green will look flattering on brown eyes.


The eyeshadows in this palette have different textures, depending on their usage. 

The highlight and dark color have silky-smooth texture, the powders are very soft and smooth! The highlight color has an iridescent shine; it has a gold-sheen that looks really great as a highlighting color. The highlight reflects light and draws attention to your inner tear duct or brow bone. 

From left to right: Highlight color, Dark color (contour), sparkling eye color shadows (rosegold, moss green and silver)
Unlike the highlighting and contouring shades, the three eye color shadows have chunky glitter finish. Rather than pearlized finish, it has sparkly effect. Hence, the name "Colorcious Diamond."
If you’re having hard time working with this kind of eyeshadows, I highly recommend you to use primer prior to the application of this product. It helps the shadows stick together. Also, apply the shadows in patting motion to lessen fall outs. 


Most of my palettes are in either matte or pearl-finish, which I really adore! Those kinds of finishes are flexible for any kind of occasions, or any time of the day. In my opinion, this Colorcious palette from Kate Tokyo has more fun and playful finish due to its chunky glittery-texture. 

I would say, this palette is not suitable for everyday wear but would definitely be a great palette for events where you want to stand-out, like parties, special events or even night outs! 

Here are my pictures wearing all the shadows on my eyes!

I added Eye of Horus Pencil Liner on my waterline to make the color more alive and fun!
I used silver on the inner tear duct, green as eye color, the dark shade to contour, rosegold to soften the contour and finally, the highlighting color on my brow bone. 
What do you think of this makeup look?  I hope I nailed it! Let me know what you think of this makeup look! 

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  3. bit expensive for me but it has great quality

  4. yupp! it's quite pricey T.T

  5. good thing they're here now in our country =) and at least you got to try them =)


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