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Kate Tokyo Mineral Powder Foundation

Thank God for the long vacation, I finally had the time and energy to make this review for you; I feel like I owe you guys a lot of reviews ^_^

I’ve been meaning to share with you this product that I’ve been really, really loving… it’s my Kate Tokyo Mineral Powder Foundation. I’m on my second refill--- which I’m about to hit pan. Good thing, I still have a one more refill with me for back-up! 


Being a beauty blogger, I normally change my powder every now and then to test out other products but I might stick for this baby a little longer because I'm so inlove with this powder foundation. 

Kate Tokyo says,

Airy powder reliably covers visible pores to create fade-free and shine-free smooth skin.
-SPF15 PA++
-Double-effect mineral powder *1 (skin protection and visible pore coverage)
-Multiple moisturizing ingredients (olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil)
-Paraben (preservative) free
-Ultraviolet-absorber free
-Fragrance free


This powder foundation does not come with a case; the compact is sold empty, you have to purchase the refill of this compact separately!

The powder case is plain white with black text, very minimalistic. The case has a built-in mirror.
The compact is travel-friendly, it’s quite small (about 2 x 2.5) and can fit small pouches! 
For every refill purchased, you’ll get a good quality sponge (that you can really use!) inside the box. 

I really like the idea of having to buy the compact and the refill separately because it’s more economical and not to mention, more environmental-friendly.

However, I personally think that the compact is way too overpriced. If not for the Gift certificate I got, I wouldn't really think of purchasing the case. Though, I might consider purchasing the other black case that they are also selling (from Kate Powder Foundation for Cover). 

The Kate Tokyo Mineral Powder foundation case retails for Php 420 (pretty expensive, right?) while the refill itself for Php 900. 


Even though the shade selection is quite limited, I’m lucky to find a shade that matches my skintone. My shade for this powder is OC-C


This powder lived up to its promise to provide an airy powder that reliably covers visible pores. It feels light on skin, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a powder foundation.

The texture of this powder on skin is amazing; it feels sooooo soft and smooth! 

This powder has light to medium coverage. If you have bad scars on face due to acne, you may want to apply concealer underneath this powder to cover and hide imperfections. As for me, I’m quite happy with the coverage it gives my face. 

The finish is really wonderful, it's like a second-skin (because it looks natural) but only-better! It evens out my skintone, hide minor imperfections and doesn't look cakey at all! The last foundations I fell inlove with like these were In2it foundation and Mac Studio foundation; unfortunately, I broke out with both powders.

On this picture, I used the sponge included in the refill to apply the product at the back of my hand, as it provides more coverage that way. However, on my face, I prefer to use a kabuki brush to apply this powder. The powder looks way, way better with brush than a sponge. 


This product is definitely a must-have! I use this powder every single day. It has velvety smooth finish, has moisturizing benefits, fragrance-free, paraben free, SPF and PA that protect skin from both UVA and UVB! Most foundation in the market contains only UVB protection (SPF).

Among all the products I’ve tried from Kate Tokyo, this is my second favorite product. Kate Brow Gel being the first. 

  • Refill and compact are sold separately
  • feels really light on skin
  • velvety smooth finish
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben free
  • Has moisturizing properties
  • Has SPF15 PA++
  • Mineral makeup - gentle on skin
  • Decent staying power

  • Expensive

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