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It has always been my dream to have my own cosmetics and makeup brushes line. It’s quite hard, yes, but not impossible! There is a saying that goes, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t BIG enough!” 

More than two months ago, Princess of The Queen’s Essentials offered to give me my own skincare line set. I was rather scared. Am I ready for this? Imagine, a skincare line will be named after me. 

But then, through words of encouragement from my sisters who promised to support me, I agreed to give it a try.

The whole process, planning to launching, took us more than 2 months. This set was customized according to my preference. After I finished deciding on what kind of products I would like to have, she sent me just samples of my set to test it out. I have been religiously using all the products from my set and these are really something that I would definitely use! 


In the making: 
Of course, the first things that came into my mind when Princess mentioned about having my own skincare line were “Anti-aging” and “Whitening.” I want something that I, myself, will be happy to use. That’s why I opted to create a skincare line with whitening and anti-aging benefits. I also made sure to make affordable products without compromising its quality. I personally tried and tested every item in this set. 

Moreover, this product was thoroughly researched through the help of our chemist from DOST REGION 5.  

PHP 120

"Potent Tri-active Beauty Bar – enriched with the best combination of Arbutin with lemon peel extract, Kojic and Glutathione. This bar is made of unique blend that helps whitens, rejuvenate skin and removes blemishes."
This has got to be my fave product on my set! I absolutely love this soap. I use it every single day and I’m not kidding, it works really wonderfully on me!

I like to soak the soap for 2-3 mins on my face; it will give you stinging sensation – that’s when you’ll know that the product actually works.

After washing your face, your skin will feel a bit dry. That’s normal, my dear! Whitening soap really makes skin dry. This is why you have to use a good moisturizer to bring back the moisture on your skin. You can use whatever moisturizers you have, I personally recommend Olay products or of course, my very own Collagen with Emu Oil Cream.

Php 120
"Collagen toner exfoliates dead skin cells. Regenerates skin cells and stimulates collagen production. "

KSM Toner works just like the typical marketed toner but with added benefit of a collagen. I actually only uses toner at night, but it’s okay to use it during daytime. It’s just that I prefer using toner at night where my skin feels dirtiest after being exposed to pollution the entire day! It removes traces of oils, makeup, dirt, whatnot! 

10g Php 99
"Our Collagen cream is infused with Emu Oil to maximize the anti-aging result and provides deep moisturizing on skin. Emu Oil acts as barrier to seal the skin and retain moisture." 

I thought of adding Emu Oil on my collagen cream because I’m a believer of Emu Oil. Emu oil possesses numerous beneficial effects on skin. You can google it yourself and discover the wonderful benefits of using emu oil. 

I recommend using this twice a day after washing and toning your face. You can even use this underneath your makeup.

Php 250 (SPF45)
"Glutathione lotion is packed with anti-oxidant, anti-aging, skin lightening and moisturizing agent. "

We originally ordered D&G Light Blue scent; unfortunately, we had problems with the manufacturing and price. So we have to shift the scent from D&G Light Blue to Cucumber. Nevertheless, the cucumber scent is soooo refreshing, perfect after-bath lotion!!
It has this clip that secure the pump from dispensing out product while inside your travelling bag.

The entire set costs around Php 500 which I personally think is just the right price tag considering that you’ll get FACE and BODY products in one set. We are also selling the products individually.

You can order the entire set at The Queen’s Essentials. By the way, I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog where you can win a RESELLER PACKAGE from TQE, which includes KSM set! Try your luck ladies, who knows, this might be the work that you’ve been looking for! Link HERE.
To those who already purchased KSM Set, I hope that you’ll enjoy using these are much as I have enjoyed the selection and planning process of this set! 
Share with us your experiences through a blogpost, facebook shoutout or even just a tweet. Just tag me @kikaysimaria and @the queen’s essential so we can see your post! 

Hopefully with your support and positive feedbacks, this won’t be the last of the KSM X TQE Collaboration.

I thank God for every moment that I feel afraid for my dreams, because I know that with it comes bigger challenge in my life. And that challenge will help me to grow each day. 

Thank you everyone for making this set possible! Now, I’m crossing out one thing on my “dream” list!

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  1. itatry ko talaga to :)

  2. YAY! let me know if you order sis ha. then share your thoughts! i can't wait to hear what you think about the set

  3. Thank you my dear Hazel

  4. queensessentials_mcAugust 22, 2014 at 5:09 AM

    Read all about The Queen's Essentials products, because im going to be a distributor for this too! So this is how KSM beauty set got it's name :) I am thrilled to try and sell this product..

  5. yay! congratulations, dear! welcome to the family! you should really try KSM obagi blend soap, it's my super fave product!!


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