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Hi my loves! It’s been a while, I know. I’m sure you all know my usual excuse, “Busy kasi sa school.” So feeling ko ako ang pinakabusy-ing tao na hindi makapagblog. LOL. By the way, this post will be not like my previous posts. Starting today, I want to make my reviews (for local products) and unboxing in Taglish. I noticed kasi recently that my blog doesn’t look too personal na. As if I’m no longer talking to you. Parang, it’s more commercial-type-thingy and I don’t want it to be that way. I hope this change is okay with you, let me know if you’re more comfortable in this set-up.
Anyway, this morning I finally received my BDJ Box for the month of October. I subscribed to 3 boxes, so my last subscription will be next month, November. I planned to subscribe for December, unfortunately, naubusan ako! Oo, nakakaloka! Well, hindi ko naman sila masisisi. Last month’s box was the BOMB! You can check out my unboxing HERE.


This month’s theme is “Skin Saver.” When BDJ Box posted this, I knew that majority of the products will be skincare! Pero usually naman, skincare products ang mga laman ng BDJ box. 
According to BDJ, “Youthful, glowing skin is something we all value, as it’s one of the first things other people notice. Whether it’s your face, hands or the rest of your body, you’d want for it to be supple and firm as long as possible.”

When I received this box, I was really surprised that I received two boxes. I thought I won on their random-promo where only a certain number of subscribers will receive a special item, ‘cause you know BDJ always does that! But this time, all subscribers will receive two boxes! Yay! Mas okay sakin yung ganun, afterall, we all paid the same amount for the box naman, right?

I’m going to unbox first the “special box.” 

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash
Full size: 473 ml, Php 200
Inside the box: 473 ml, Php 200
Dial Coconut Water Soap
Full size: 113g, Php 140 
Inside the box: 113g, Php 140
The special box is from the brand called “DIAL” I’ve seen this brand before pero for some reason, I never thought of buying anything from this brand. I’m excited to try this out, new things excite me!

Now, let’s unbox the other box.
Full size: 50 ml, Php 795
Inside the box: 7 pcs of 1ml sample, Php 111
Yves Rocher Blemish Gel Cream is formulated with Baikal Powder which claims to absorb excess sebum and minimize pores. It also hydrates skin for 24 hours. Wow, promising! I have high expectation for this product because it’s from Yves Rocher. 


My Choice Spa Salt
Full Size: 500g, Php 100
Inside the box: 500g, Php 100 + 30 g sample size
I love scrubbing my body, I just wish I can scrub it every single day pero it’s not good to use scrub for every day. This one, I already used this morning. Oo, agad agad! LOL. It’s surprisingly very different from my previous scrubs. Para ‘tong salt (kaya nga Spa Salt, Eloisa). Kaya you might find it a bit harsh if you scrub it directly on your skin. What I did, I poured a generous amount of this Spa salt and mix it with my body gel wash. 
Immediately after scrubbing and rinsing your skin, ma-fifeel mo agad yung smoothness and softness ng skin mo. Love it!

My Choice Hand and Body Lotion
Full Size: 90ml, Php 70
Inside the box: 100 ml, Php 70 plus 12ml sample size
(which is weird, since according to the product list, full size contains 90 ml of product but for this price-sake, I will just assume that 90 and 100 ml have the same price)
According to My Choice, this lotion contains natural ingredients as well as collagen to nourish skin and protect your skin from harmful free radical.


Loreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum
Full Size: 30 ml, Php 1500
Inside the box: 5 ml, Php 250
(No picture, nawala ko ito during the pictorial. LOL. Glad I found it na!)
I’m an Olay woman, but I like to try other moisturizer every once in a while. This product looks so promising, unfortunately, BDJ only included 5 ml sample. According to the description, this serum reduces fine lines and refines skin texture in just 4 weeks! 

Loreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream
Full Size: 30 ml, Php 1500
Inside the box: 5 ml, Php 250
This cream smoothen pores and 3% concentrated pro-xylane for replumped skin. I’m excited to try these two products. I cannot go out of the house without using any moisturizer! 

Full size: 1.9oz, Php 795
Inside the box: 1.9oz, Php 795
Dito palang, bawi na agad yung Php 580! I noticed from my previous subscriptions na BDJ tries to include at least one makeup in every box, which  is really nice kasi although I know how important it is to take care of your skin, makeup really excites me! And this month’s makeup is from one of the best drugstores brand I know… Revlon! 

Strip Ice Cream
Full size: 50ml, Php 1750
Inside the box: not indicated
Malin, Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub
Full size: 220ml, Php 1650
Inside the box: 5 ml, Php 38
Malin, Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream
Full size: 15ml, Php 1750
Inside the box: 1.2 ml, 140
Basically, these are sample sizes to help your newly waxed/plucked/removed hair relieve pain, prevent ingrown hair and treat and repair skin. 

Full size: 7ml, 7 vial, Php 470
Inside the box: ml, 7 vial, Php 470

"Wow"- my first reaction when I saw this product and the price. That's quite pricey. Although I'm a DOVE girl, I don't think I will purchase this kind of product without testing it out first in sample sizes. This is why I love subscribing to BDJ Box, kasi I get to try out products I will never think of purchasing myself. By the way, I absolutely love Dove Hair vitamins I received from last box. I hope I will love this product as much as I love the vitamins one! <3 span="">


Overall, I received 5 full size items: Dial Coconut Water Body wash, My Choice Spa Salt and Lotion,  Dove Hairfall rescue and Revlon colorstay, 1 trial pack of Dial coconut water soap, sample sizes of Yves Rocher Gel Cream, Lorea Youth duo and Strip RPT kit, with additional My Choice Spa Salt and lotion trial sizes. 

The total worth of the products inside the box is around Php 2,600, roughly 4x the amount of the actual price of the box.

Although I received more than what I paid for, I still think that last month’s box was really, really great compared to this month. But anyway, I’m still glad that there are no-repeat products from the same brand and I can see myself using every item in this box. Wala akong itatapon or ipapamigay, which is why I think this box is sulit. 

What do you think of this month’s box? Are you happy with the content? What’s your fave item? Let me know! 

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  1. Me too! I still love the september box!!

  2. i think i love the revlon and dove one =)

  3. I love the revlon e/s shade that you got! I also reviewed/unboxed mine. Hehe.

  4. yup, neutral shade. perfect for everyday. pero i might change my profile na. andami ko ng neutral shades hahahaha

  5. i havent tried the dove one yet!
    the revlon eyeshadows are really good! it last without primer

  6. yeah; but atleast, oct box is good too

  7. Hi there, I think for the December box, you're already reserved a slot because you're a returning customer. So I think you just have to renew and you'll get the slot instantly? :)

  8. i love their palette (the old one) kaya lang it was lost dunno where i left it =(


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