Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Ever Bilena is probably one of the most famous local brands in the Philippines. Kapag sinabi mong “Local Brand”, Ever bilena agad yung pumapasok sa isip ko. Hehe!

The reason why I purchased Ever Bilena Blush Glow is because at first glance, it reminds me of my favorite Sophie Pink Cream -- which you know I absolutely love! I am a loyal user of Sophie for almost 4 years and still inlove with the affordability and longevity of that product.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on Ever Bilena Blush Glow


Like what I've said, this is very comparable to Sophie Magic Pink Cream. It has the same white consistency that turns into lovely yet natural-looking pink cheeks!
One thing that bothers me is when I blend the product on my skin. Parang nagtutubig. It’s kinda weird, I have never experienced that with Sophie Pink Cream.
It also takes time to dry up giving you enough time to blend the product
This blush dries up into nice finish and doesn’t feel oily or heavy on skin. 
It is a bit pigmented than Sophie Magic Cream. Naalala ko yung first time I used Ever Bilena, I squeezed the same amount of product na usually na ginagamit ko for Sophie, and my cheeks ended up soooo pink, para akong sinampal! So, if you are used to using Sophie martin pink cream, medyo mag-addjust ka lang ng onti sa paglalagay
The smell really bothers me! Unlike Sophie Cream which has a mild powdery scent, this one smells like a very strong strawberry. Jhessica even commented that this one smells like, “Nasunog na Strawberry!” I REALLY hate the smell. Bakit Ever Bilena, bakit! Okay na sana, e! LOL.

Good thing, it lasts the entire day on me! At least the quality was able to compensate for the smell.


I think I did not waste money. It’s actually a good buy. Between Sophie and Ever Bilena,I would still choose Sophie just because I like the smell better. But for the availability of the product, Ever Bilena is much accessible. 

-affordable at Php 80
-very long lasting
-a little goes a long way
-available in local beauty stores

-tricky to apply 
-hard to know how much product you'll need, as it takes time to turn pink
-prone to mistake, not blendable once it dried up.

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