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In the Philippines, it seems like everywhere you look, whether on television, facebook, billboard and newspaper, there's a lot of whitening products being offered. The success of the whitening industry in our country just proves how much Filipinas desire for whiter skin. While there are so many whitening procedures/technologies being introduced, there are those who cannot afford such and rely on whitening soaps. 

Being a sucker for whitening products, you have no idea how many whitening soaps I tried. Among all these, I can say only a few can really deliver the whitening dream. One brand I can surely trust my skin whitening care with is Olay. Olay is the # 1 Facial Skincare brand in the Philippines and in the World! It is an internationally renowned skin care brand that is trusted by millions of women worldwide. It’s no surprise at all since they really do have amazing products. If you have been a loyal reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m a guilty Olay girl. My Olay moisturizers are staples in my skincare routine ever since college.


Two version: with Vitamin C and Papaya Extracts


  1. It’s Triple Whitening System Exfoliates, brightens and evens skin tone, so you can get All-in-One Fairness
  2. Makes skin feel soft & smooth
  3. It contains skin cream ingredients from Olay, the world’s # 1 skincare brand
  4. Fresh & Clean Scent
  5. Help reveal your skin’s natural radiance and glow
  6. Available in variety of sizes in leading supermarkets, drug stores and sari-sari stores, starting at P15.


  1. Olay Natural White soap in the shower twice a day – in the morning and in the evening before you sleep.
  2. While in shower, lather liberally especially in areas that require extra attention (areas that are rougher, a bit darker in skin tone, or are subjected to friction from clothes or other fabric).  Use a puff for a more indulgent feel. This will also enhance the effect of the exfoliation.
  3. Treat your skin with care.  Pat your skin dry with a clean towel after shower.  Make sure you don’t scrub your skin to avoid friction which causes skin irritation.


My Olay Natural Whitening Body Bars were a perfect timing. Recently, I participated in a Coastal Cleanup school activity, where I stayed under the sun for about 2 hours. 
Although I applied sunblock prior to the activity, the intense exposure to sun made some parts of my skin darker. Imagine a panda with dark arms and legs but with white body (since it’s not exposed). Yeah, I’m a panda in a human body! LOL
After using this product continuously for a month; I have noticed that, slowly, it has helped my skin recover. With daily use, my skin has lightened, though not so dramatic in effect.

I usually use this soap twice a day, in the morning and evening before I go to bed. The thing with whitening soap, they can make our skin seriously dry. But with Olay NW Bars, I am really surprised that it doesn’t feel dry on skin. Actually, it made my skin feel smooth and soft. The description says that this soap also exfoliates skin. Maybe, that's the reason why my skin lightened while using this product. 

Just like other whitening soap, the effect of this bar is not instant. It takes time and well, uhm, patience. And remember, a healthy fair skin requires more than just “white” skin. Meaning, while whitening soap helps in lightening, getting skin “healthy” needs a change of lifestyle. 

Make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Stay indoors, if you can’t avoid exposing your skin to the sun, apply sunblock. Also, try to avoid exposure to sun between 10am-3pm because this is when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Lastly, eat lots of citrus fruits and green and leafy vegetables. These have anti-oxidants that keep your skin healthy. 

For best results, use with Olay Natural White W Skin Cream: For best results, also use Olay Natural White Moisturising Cream for an extraordinary pinkish glow, and Olay Natural White cleansers for gentle cleansing for your face.

Overall, I'm loving this product. I personally prefer the Papaya Extracts but the other variant is actually good, too! This is a great buy, it's affordable and it works for me! OLAY never fails to impress me! It has been and will always be my favorite skincare brand of all time. They just deliver amazing products!

How about you girls, what are your favorite Olay products?

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