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About a few months ago, I purchased this brush set. Yes, with my own money! Since then, I’ve been thinking whether to review it or not as I’ve been getting “hate comments” for endorsing fake products. I did approved one comment on my blog because out of all the messages (and comments) I received, this one is the most decent and I really get where she is coming from. Anyway, I’ll deal with that later on the end of this post. For now, let me share with you my thoughts on these great brushes!!

I haven’t tried the original brushes but these fakes have really great quality. In fact, these are my “everyday” brushes. I use them every single day especially the “Buffing brush.”


The set contains 6 brushes: Multi-tasking brush, buffing brush, essential crease brush, settling brush, pointed foundation brush and the fine liner brush.
Out of the 6 brushes, I use multi-tasking and buffing brush every single day. 
My ultimate favorite is the 
The buffing brush is sooooo good. Among all the brushes I’ve tried, this has got to be my favorite. It has the right diameter and density. I use it for liquid foundation and powder foundation… and it gives me a really nice-natural looking finish. 

Multi-tasking brush is the one that I always reach for when using setting powder as it is somewhat tapered but flat. And it works really, really well for that purpose. 

Setting brush is the one I use for highlighting because of the size. It highlights my cheekbone area perfectly

The crease brush is great for doing cut-crease or smokey eyes, or even contouring the side of the nose or for setting your eye concealer with a powder.

The liner brush is sooooft that I find myself reaching for this more than any eye brush in my collection. It’s just sooo soft and doesn’t hurt the inner corner of my eyes.

I rarely use the pointed foundation brush ‘cause I find it too small for that purpose.  

Overall, although these are not authentic, the qualities of these brushes are really good and I highly recommend them if you don’t mind using fake products! 
The name of the brushes are nicely engraved in the ferrule. The ferrule is well-glued, they don't come off easily. The brushes never shed nor bled on me! Great quality, really! 


Now, let’s talk about me endorsing fake products. Have you tried using Pirate Bay? Have you tried watching fake DVDs? Downloading music, programs, anti-virus, whatnot without license? Well then, all those things are as illegal as buying fake makeup or perfumes or bags. No matter how much, when you buy something that’s not authentic, it’s illegal.

But there’s a quote that says, “Just because everyone is going in one direction, doesn’t mean you should, too!” ‘cause everyone could be wrong. I get it, fake will always be fake. Like wrong will always be wrong, as lying will always be lying no matter what the reason behind. But then again, sometimes you have to look at different sides of things. 

It was 6 months ago when someone commented on my post, “No self-respecting blogger knowingly promotes fake products, dear. If you had a cosmetics line of your own, how would you feel if you saw imitations being sold under your brand name?” I published her post (here) just because I think that her comment makes sense. It’s something constructive; I get her (or his) point. Believe me, I have received more than one messages or comments like that ever since I posted knock-off products on my blog. 

I am very practical at things. I don’t buy fake products just because I want to “belong.” I do buy these kinds of things because they do deliver good quality in spite of being fake. For instance, I use “Dubai-authentic” perfumes or more famously known as “testers.” Before I became a tester-user, I have already spent a huge amount of money buying authentic perfumes. And then, I realized it’s no longer practical. The “testers” smell exactly the same, and they do last a very long time too! 

My point here is that I don’t directly promote fake products considering that I don’t really earn even a peso from blogging about them. I’m giving my readers some options if they have tight budget. I share them products that I PERSONALLY use. I have capitalized personally because I wouldn’t recommend it if I haven’t tried it myself. And to tell you frankly, I made a fair-review on the products. Although I recommend the products, I still give “warnings” to my readers about using fakes. Just like Cigarette companies saying, “Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health” inspite of the fact that they are selling cigarette. 

Please take time to visit this post where I mentioned the risks of using fake products. I’ve mentioned there that using fakes over authentic will always be a risk, unlike the authentic products that have their own name to take care of, fakes can put dangerous substances in the products without you knowing it. 

That’s why I personally only recommend buying products that will not cause harm on you. I still don’t recommend buying skincare products, fake medicines, or other stuff that may cause public harm. For makeup, I try to avoid fake lipsticks or anything I could ingest, and fake mascara, eyeliners… and any other similar things. 

Again, I don’t buy “fakes” for the name of the brand; I buy them because of the quality. It sometimes frustrates me whenever I like the quality of certain products then there’s you know… “logo” of an expensive brand. Ugh! If they can create amazing items like these, why not have their own name rather than settling for being a “good-knockoff.” Seriously!!  I have one fake bag from MK which I got at Greenhills for only Php 1,000 and that bag is just so amazing. I can carry tons of items without really worrying that it will break anytime. It's very durable. Some of my Charles and Keith wouldn't last that long.

Anyway, I didn’t expect this to be this long. So I guess, I need to end this up now by saying that, if there’s one thing I really hate, it’s seller selling fake products and claiming that they have the authentic one!! As long as the seller admit that they are not selling authentic products, I’m ok with it. Afterall, it’s your money. You can always spend it whenever and however you like it. No judging. ^_^ 

Until then, my loves! xoxo

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  1. Do not mind those bashers dear, :) You know haters hate the things they cant have or the person they cant be thats a thing called JEALOUSY :)
    Maybe they are just jealous because they cant be you pretty and brainy.. 😄

    BTW, I actually searching for brushes would fit my budget thank you for this review... :)

  2. it’s seller selling fake products and claiming that they have the authentic one! - This one is what I hate too. I agree with you 100% that they should not use the original logo and just come up with their own brand/name. To be honest, I don't support sellers with fake items, because I don't want to risk it, unless, the items they sell have good reviews. :-)

  3. Hello! I also use fake products but I don't mind as long as it is o good quality so I can really relate to this post. Anyway, I have a question.. What brush can I use for using concealer? :) hope you can help. Hehe.

  4. Leah Fernandez-ManotokDecember 17, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    Well said, Ms. Eloisa. i have also recently purchased this very same set. Like so many burgeoning make-up enthusiasts, i do not have the budget to purchase the authentic products. Its just sad that the manufacturers of these knock-offs have to borrow, errr... ok to steal the names/logos of their famous counterparts. If you know that you have a amazing product, then be proud enough to stamp your OWN name on it, then just market is as a dupe for the real thing. This is really each consumer's personal preference. What's important is that you never pass off the knock-offs as the authentic items and you give your honest opinion / review on the products you blog about. Caveat emptor!!! (Latin for "Let the buyer beware"). i applaud your bravery and honesty about touching this subject. For the rest of us penny-pinchers, its always refreshing that you get to enjoy an honest to goodness amazing product at a fraction of a cost. Cheers.

  5. Perfect brush for my makeup. Nice blog to share.
    See also: for more beauty secrets.

  6. brownsugarbeauty101February 5, 2015 at 7:24 PM

    How much did you pay for the set? I've seen knockoffs somewhere in Divi being sold at 800+. I don't have an issue with fakes if they deliver. I guess I'm just curious about the price difference.

  7. Hi. I love your blog and I can understand where you're coming from with regards to buying fake products. Buying stuff, particularly makeup can put a dent on our wallets and being practical, some people tend to just buy the fake ones (class a) since some of them have the same quality with the original. Pero kung ako lang tatanungin, kung budget ang problema, why dont we just support local products? Kung ung quality naman ang issue bakit d na lang pagipunan yung original? did you know why fake products are being banned all over the world? Obviously dahil fake sila, rip-off ng original pero one of the real reasons is because yung mga funds ng napapagbentahan ng mga fake items are being used to fund terrorism. Sindikato yung mga gunagawa ng mga fake items na yan. And syempre the higher the demand, the higher the funds na nabubuno nila. Minsan d natin nakikita yung pinaka root nung problema but once you think about it marerealize mo bakit buying fake products are wrong.


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo