Tuesday, December 23, 2014


If you have been following me on my facebook page (HERE), you’ll know how obsess I am with my Wet n Wild lipstick! I dare to say that it’s the BEST DRUGSTORE lipstick I have ever purchased. The consistency, staying power, color selection...for Php 145, hands down!

If you want to know why I love it so much, keep reading!



If you happen to have the old packaging with you, you’ll notice that the name is not written at the bottom of the lipstick. Instead, it is written at the plastic-seal-thingy that you need to remove to unseal the product. In the new packaging, the code and the name of the lipstick are written together at the bottom of the lipstick. 
The packaging… is awful. The product itself is sticking out of the container and putting the cap back to its place is just annoying! 
But for the price, I really can’t complain. The lipstick is incredible, and crazily affordable.


The formulation is heavenly. This lipstick has a rich and creamy texture; I wouldn’t say that it’s a matte due to its creamy consistency. Satin would be the closest comparison to Mac lipsticks.
The lipstick has a really good staying power. But surprisingly, not drying on my lips! I can use this with or without lip balm!

I have here technique to make the lipstick lasts longer on you.
1. Moisturize your lips. If you need to exfoliate, exfoliate your lips.
2. Apply the lipstick evenly. You may use lip brush for precise application. As for me, I like to apply my lipstick directly from the tube
3. And here’s the biggest secret to make your lipstick lasts longer: Blot your lips using Gatsby Powdered Blotting sheet instead of the conventional blotting-tissue thingy. Blotting it with Gatsby will help absorbed the excess oil /product on your lips and make the lipstick appear matte.
4. If you’re not happy with the intensity of the lipstick, you may re-apply the lipstick again. You may or may not blot it after reapplying the lipstick. Whatever works for you.
I like doing this every single day because not only does it make my lipstick lasts longer, it also helps my lipstick to not transfer on my teeth and also prevents it from bleeding.


Currently, I have 7 shades! I’m planning to buy more next year because I love them to bits!

In the Flesh - This is absolutely an HG My-Lips-But-Better Lip shade. It is a warm-pinky-brown shade

Think Pink - muted pale pink shade. I use this lightly on my lips because it has the tendency to look washed-out on my skintone. It will be difficult for those with darker skintone to make this work. But if you have lighter skintone, this is amazing! It looks great on my sister.

Dollhouse Pink - the perfect "Barbie-ish" shade. The shade is super pretty, but for some reason, it doesn't look great on me. I feel naked when I wear this on its own. HOWEVER, this is my perfect blush-shade! I love using this as a blush, i SWEAR! It gives my cheeks a very natural flushed.

Mauve Outta Here - this has got to be my favorite! This is like a lavenderish-pinkish lipstick, if that makes sense! The lavender-y purple-ish shade sounds scary, but believe me, it's not! I can wear it for everyday, with or without eye makeup. The shade is so flexible, I think it looks great for most skintone

Don't Blink Pink- this is a really, really long lasting lipstick. I have to warn you about this. I had trouble removing this on my lips with wet wipes while swatch-ing! If you have searched google, this shade looks barbie-ish on some lips, but when I first swatched it, it appears fuchsia on me. However, the other day, when my lips is completely nude, it gives my lips a really, really nice barbie-ish shade.  So yup, the color may appear different on you depending on your natural lip shade. (by the way, if you want to know how Don't blink Pink looks-like on me when my lips is completely bare, see the lip swatch above using Gatsby, I used Don't blink pink there)

Smokin' Hot Pink- at first, I thought I got a similar shade to Don't Blink Pink. But on my lips, this appears to be a pinkish-red. This is a great lipstick if you want to try "red" shade but you still find it hard to pull-off. You may start with this kind of pink-red.

Sugar Plum Fairy- this is strictly for adventurous women. They say it's a close dupe for Rebel. This is a more-daring and darker kind of red. 
I always go for this lipstick if I want to make someone extra-stunning... and it never fails me!


Get as many shade as you can, now!
These lipsticks are amazing, trust me! 
If you followed my technique, I am sure that you’ll love this product even more! You can buy this for only Php 145 at Makeupholics. This product is a steal, if you don’t mind this cheap kind of packaging. It has amazing color payoff, excellent formulation and good staying power. 

-affordable at Php 145
-creamy, and glides smoothly
-wide range of colors
-good staying power
-moisturizing on my lips

-packaging is awful

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  1. Thanks for the swatches! I've been wanting to try these lipsticks! Please do post the future shades you are getting

  2. I love these as well! But I too hate the packaging - the lipstick sticking out and how the tube gets sticky after a while. But the lipstick itself... really nice for the price! And they have a great selection of shades pa :)

  3. This lipstick pla is not that expensive. I love the mauve outta here and think pink parang ok sya pang everyday use..

  4. Btw have you tried using the bobbie lipstick i saw that sa watsons. Ok din kaya un?

  5. The shades look good on you! :)


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo