Saturday, January 31, 2015

SkinWhite Cream Powder

A product that turns to powder in a second… There are tons of products in the market nowadays that offer multi-tasking benefits like a cream foundation or liquid foundation that magically turns into powder once it touches your skin. You might wonder for a while why we would need a product like that? While liquid foundations and cream foundations offer a great amount of coverage, they can be sticky and heavy on the skin. Also, they tend to slide off your face when you don’t set it with powder. Even BB Creams are like this. I beieve that Powder is one of the most amazing makeup products ever created! No wonder these kinds of stuff were created. 

In the past, I’ve tried several cream-to-powder and liquid-to-powder foundations, and they were all the same in terms of how they work. During the first application, they feel more like a foundation or cream. After few seconds, it will set into a powder finish. So when I got this SkinWhite Face Cream Powder, I was actually expecting the same effect. But friends, please allow me to say this, this is by far the only “cream” powder that will give you the most “legit” powder-feel. It’s crazy technology, I know! It never felt like a cream foundation. If you want to know more about my new holy grail product, keep reading!

SkinWhite Cream Powder


The packaging is just a typical squeeze tube. It contains 20g of product which I doubted at first because the tube is so light weight and it contains air (which is why it’s hard to dispense some product out of the nozzle).  But I’ve been using it everyday for almost a month now, and I still have some product left inside. That’s a good thing, especially for a Php 67-worth of product.


The first thing I noticed about the SkinWhite Power Whitening Line is that they all have the same floral scent. The lotion, the soap, the toner and this cream! They all smell like baby-floral-powdery scent, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I absolutely love it!

In terms of color selection, I believe it’s available in another shade, the one I have is “Light beige” which suits my NC30-ish skin perfectly. 
The powder has a creamy/mousse-like consistency, it’s a bit thick that it won’t drip off your hands when you turn it upside down. It blends easily on my face. The best thing about this is when you blend it with your fingers, it’s like your blending powder, not a cream or liquid! If you can’t imagine it, you have to try it yourself. 

Like what I’ve said, I’ve been using it every single day especially during my board review. When you have only little time left, you just want to make the most out of it and I don’t want to spend most of my time doing makeup. Every second counts, right? This is such a handy product for quick everyday makeup look.
Coverage-wise, it doesn't really cover my blemishes. Hence, I still like using my concealer to cover up some of my perfect imperfections. LOL. 
The reason why I like using the SkinWhite Face Cream Powder is because I get compliments every time I use it. It really brightens up my skin!
Though, I have read from some bloggers that they broke out while using this product. Each skin is different, I’m glad this one works for me. 


Overall, it’s my favorite face product to date. I’m planning to buy more tubes because I really love it and it’s super affordable. 

I like it better than any of my bb creams since I don’t have to set it with powder. This is really perfect for quick everyday makeup especially when you’re just going out to buy something, or like going to church or any instances that you won’t really need a full-makeup on. 

Have you girls tried this one? Let me know your thoughts on the product! 

Until then, xoxo.

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  1. Where to buy? Meron po ba sa watsons?

  2. been using this product for years.. this indeed brightens up the skin making you beautiful :)


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