Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jazzy Collection Eyebrow Kit

I've been eyeing for Nyx Eyebrow gel ever since Nyx released it. But, when I stumbled upon Micmic corner's review on this brow gel, I decided to buy this instead. It’s cheaper, the entire packaging is nicer and it has free brush. And mind you, the brush included has really, really good quality



Like what I've said, the thing that made me purchased this more than Nyx Brow gel is the packaging. 

I really love the packaging! It came with a clear bag which is clever because it keeps everything, the tube and brushes, all together and also to keep dust away from your brushes especially during the days when you feel so tired washing your brushes after use. 
It has two brushes, both has great quality. I love the slanted brush because it has the right stiffness which makes the "shaping" part easier.


This product is available in 3 shades: 01, 02 and 03. 
01 is always out-of-stock so I decided to give 02 a try (since it's the mid-shade) only to find out that it's still dark for my hair especially now that I have dyed it. 


A little goes a long way! A tube will last you forever, for Php 399, it’s actually sulit! 

The product is quite dark that I only use it so thinly. Otherwise, I will end up looking like Betty La Fea. This brow gel is really good (I know I keep saying it's good but it really is!). It is definitely waterproof and can last the entire day on your brows! 

I did the “rub and waterproof” test. For the “rub-test” part, I applied it on my arms and let it dry for a while. Once the gel is completely dry, I rubbed it out. 
As expected, it didn’t budge. Great,  you wouldn’t want an eyebrow product that can be rubbed off easily, right?

Now, the make or break… waterproof test. Of course, you want an eyebrow product that will last even we get under the rain, or we perspire, whatnot!
I put my arm on the running water to wet it. Then, I rubbed it off quite gently. It didn’t budge, again. But when I rubbed it off too hard, it smudges. Nonetheless, it did a great job in waterproof test.
Now I know why my fellow bloggers are raving about this, if only I had picked the right shade, I know I will love it. But then, since I find it too strong for my taste, I might sell this particular shade or give it away. I honestly don’t know yet! I might buy the lighter shade or might purchase Anastasia eyebrow gel instead. I heard so many, many great things about that too!


The quality is really, really great! They say it’s a dupe for Makeup Forever and exactly the same as Snoe. I think it’s sulit for Php 399 because you will get a good packaging and with a great quality brush. The product itself is great, with amazing longevity. I think this will be a holy grail for girls with thin to moderate eyebrows. If you have thick brows, I wouldn’t recommend this as this will make you eyebrows really thick. Unless, you like that style! 

Have you tried this brow kit? Let me know what you think about this product!
Until then, xoxo.

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  1. josephine GregorioFebruary 4, 2015 at 3:26 PM

    where to buy po ? :)

  2. Tutorial using this please! Hehee. I want to level up na from using eyebrow pencil eh! Thank youuuu.

  3. I like this eyebrow gel too. It really stays on the whole day. I also agree about the free brushes that they are ok to use. You can maybe put a light-colored eyebrow gel to compensate for the dark gel. :)

  4. lagi na lang OOS to, i badly want this


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