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I have been obsessed with watching makeup transformation in youtube. I love Promise Tamang, she’s really amazing! We also have Paolo Balesteros in the Philippines, who’s very known now for his Hollywood transformations, unfortunately, he doesn’t have a youtube account. Anyway, I was sooooo inspired to make a transformation that I decided to play with my makeup and test out my so-called "innate makeup skill"! LOL. And here is the result of my makeup transformation.
Disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist. So, if ever, I have done or said anything “wrong” in the rules (if there are rules!) please be nice to me! LOL. 


Thankfully, my blemishes aren't really that bad. I do breakout every now and then, especially during the time of the month. But they don’t really last that long on my face, but, unfortunately, some of them love to leave some marks (I guess, they want to be remembered!).

Recently, I have been testing out Pond’s White Beauty cream because I heard that this is a good product to minimize acne marks. While pond’s is still doing its job, I temporarily cover my imperfections with my holy grail naturactor. I made a review on it about a year ago, click HERE. I have it in 151 and 140 (the newest shade I ordered). 151 is perfect if you have NC30 skintone. But because I have uneven skintone, I decided to order 140 which is a lighter shade. 151 has more intense yellow undertone, and will probably suit most Filipina skintone. Since my cheeks are a bit lighter than my chin and the rest of my face, I use 140 to cover my acne marks in that area and also my eyebags to give it a brighter effect. 
In covering your acne marks, here are the things that you should remember:
1. You can use liquid or cream concealer. I personally prefer cream foundation/concealer because it’s thicker and tends to cover more. I really like Naturactor because it’s never cakey on me and it gives me the most amazing finish ever. It’s the best cream foundation I have ever used so far. 

2. In choosing the right shade, if you want to cover imperfections on your face, the concealer should match your skintone. In matching the concealer, I like to test out the product on my skintone first. The one that disappears on my skin is my perfect shade. As you can see, on my cheeks, 140 is closer than 151. But on my chin, I usually use 151. 
3. Once I’m done choosing my shade, I like to apply the product over the blemishes. And then, I just like to blend the edges. I normally use my finger or concealer brush to blend it out.
Look at how Naturactor brightened up my skintone! It’s amazing and really affordable, too! 

I have dark undereye circles. For really dark undereyes, you may want to correct it first. Some uses yellow or salmon shade. Whatever works for you. As for me, I decided to use Naturactor 140 which is lighter than the rest of my face. I also like highlighting some parts of my face with 140. 
I prefer highlighting first before contouring because I find it easier to place the contouring powder on the right places when I have already highlighted the parts of my face I want to protrude/stand out. Then, I like to do my eyebrows. In this photo, I outlined my eyebrows thicker than the usual. 

I will try to do a separate post in how I do my eyebrows since a lot of you have requested me to do my eyebrow routine.
After that, I blend everything out using my finger or my wet sponge. 
Then, I usually put tons of setting powder over my undereye before doing my eye makeup. In this look, I made use of Naturactor silky lucent powder. It’s a very good powder to set all my makeup. 
It’s finely milled, smells really good and it feels really soft and smooth on skin. The only thing I hate about this loose powder is the packaging. Seriously, I have no idea how to close the product. It doesn’t have screw-thingy on the side unlike the naturactor face cover. Hence, I cannot bring the product with me to travel. I have to transfer it to small container. Other than that, it’s really good. I got mine at pretty angel shoppe.

For natural look, I like using neutral shades and just contouring the crease with dark brown eyeshadow. But when I’m in hurry, wearing only eyeliner is just perfectly fine. 
In eyeliner, I like wearing black on upper lashline and something bright on the lower lashline to bring back the light on my eyes and make it pop! I find it easier to use cream/gel liner to create my eyeliner than liquid, but if you’re already an expert in liquid eyeliner, that’s okay. Again, whatever works for you.

For the lower lashline, I prefer applying purple eyeliner or white or any bright shade than black. I really have a dark undereye circles and putting black eyeliner makes it appear darker. Here I used Eye of Horus.

For your lips, you can use whatever shades you want or will complement your skintone. Neutral shade is perfect for everyday look. I use VOV eyeliner and Sleek Barely there in this photo. 
But then, I decided to glam it up so I changed my lip color to Nyx Matte in Summer Breeze. Pink is a great color to make you look younger! Click HERE for my review!
So this is my makeup transformation! Let me know what you think about it! xoxo

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  1. don't be afraid to extend your wing a little more! Looks great :-)

  2. love the look! :) your eye liner is so perfect :)

  3. Simply pretty <3 is Naturactor hard to wash from your face? I'm planning to buy one. Thanks :)

  4. with kojie san, no. with other soap, yes. ^_^ you can use makeup remover first.

  5. i'm not used with extended wing, but i might try it someday. thank you dear

  6. i'm not used with extended wing, but i might try it someday. thank you dear :-*

  7. I love it! Meron din akong makeup transformation version sa blog ko. :)


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