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Nyx Matte Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics is like the "MAC" of the Drugstore brand when it comes to lippies! I think I haven’t seen a drugstore brand that offers such overwhelming variety of lipstick formulations and shades to choose from --- or at least here in the Philippines. 

Nyx Lippies are my first love, and the very first lippies that I bought online. Nyx Round lipstick in Tea Rose was my Holy Grail for 3/4 of my life as a blogger. Nyx Lip Cream is the very first lipstick that made me fall inlove with liquid lipstick. I made a review on both products, click HERE for my review on Nyx Lip Cream and HERE and HERE for Nyx Round lipstick. If you want to know my thoughts on their other line, Nyx Matte lipstick, keep reading!



The packaging comes in a standard matte black tube. It has a “window” at the middle part of the body where you can see the shade of the lipstick, which I find it very helpful especially when I need to find the right shade in my makeup stash. 

The packaging is very simple, reminds me so much of Elf Essential lipstick line.
It’s not very sturdy at all. It feels very cheap and a bit loose, but at least mine is still working very well.


I actually purchased two shades and Eunice of Kering Keri store added one for my freebie! This is why I love shopping at Kering Keri store, she’s soooo nice, very friendly to all her customers and I always get “freebie” every time I shop at her online store! 
The two shades I purchased are Audrey and Strawberry Daiquiri and she gave Summer Breeze to me as a freebie!
However, I gave my “Strawberry Daiquiri” to my auntie because she likes the shade and she doesn’t have time to order pa kasi she has a flight on the next day. 

Unfortunately, I can only provide hand swatch for Strawberry Daiquiri, sad! But you can google the shade if you want to see how it looks like on the lips.


Strawberry daiquiri is a salmon-y pink. I find this a very wearable shade, especially for older/matured women.
Audrey is a muted mauve-pink tone, perfect for everyday wear! This is my go-to shade and my new Holy grail everyday pink lipstick. 
Summer Breeze, for some reason, it’s kind of similar to Audrey when swatched on my arms but they aren’t. 
Audrey is “the perfect” everyday pink shade and Summer Breeze is a brighter kind of pink. It somehow reminds me of Mac lipstick in Pink Nouveau because it has a purple-ish tone to it.


Next to my Loreal Moist Matte Lipstick, this has got to be my next fave matte lippies in my makeup stash. The texture is very rich and creamy, and applies so easily that you’ll forget it’s a matte lipstick. It glides without tugging my lips. The less tugging the happier my lips! 

On the first few hours on my lips, it feels really comfortable. I despise matte lipstick more than anything else in the World (just exaggerating!) as I have really serious problem with my chappy lips. 

The only thing that I’m quite concerned of is that it tends to dry out my lips few hours after especially when I’m not drinking water. And if I drink too much water, it reduces the staying power of lipstick. But in all fairness, compared to all other matte lipsticks I’ve tried, this one is less drying. It’s just that I have very, very dry and chappy lips. 

Comparison of Audrey and Summer Breeze


I highly, highly recommend nyx matte lipstick if you are looking for a cheap but good matte lipsticks. They are available in wide variety of shades, like crazy selection from nudes, bright shades, vampire-ish shades and very dark shades. 

The formulation is amazing; it certainly feels creamy and very comfortable on lips for a matte lippies. Audrey is currently my Holy grail every day pink shade, I wear it alternately with my Wet n Wild Megalast lip color in Mauve Outta Here.

I’m excited to try out other shades from the line. I can totally see myself purchasing another shade and repurchasing Audrey over and over! 

-available online and in malls
-available in many shades
-really matte, if you like matte
-quite comfy on my lips
-rich and creamy, glides smoothly

-can be drying on lips 

Have you tried these Nyx Matte lippies? What are your fave shades? Let me know!
Until then, xoxo!

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  1. Jannie Joshelle ParelFebruary 19, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    *apir* NYX girl rin ako! I started using NYX when I started being a beauty blogger and TEA ROSE is still one of my favorites! I've always wanted to try the matte lipsticks... This is giving me even more encouragement cuz that Audrey shade is divine!

  2. I might have to try this formula soon! Thanks for the swatches. xo

  3. I bought some of the shades only last year, I think. I have Merlot, Natural & Whipped Caviar. They are creamy matte lipsticks because they are not too try. I am also wanting Strawberry Daiquiri for a long time now, but will probably pass since I've got a lot of lipsticks to use up na! #hoarderproblems Hehe. Nice review, as always!

  4. hehe oo nga! andami mong pnpost na lipsticks! kaloka

  5. you're welcome dear

  6. try mo. it's so pretty


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