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Wet n Wild XXL Lash Mascara

Mascara is another product very close to my heart, next to eyebrow products.  I use it daily to make my lashes appear longer, thicker, sexier! While waterproof mascara sounds perfect as it stays on amazingly even if you cry, it can be very damaging on our lashes especially those mascaras with formulas that are too tough to remove! 

This is why finding the right mascara that I can use for daily basis is quite tricky. I have actually found my Holy Grail mascara. But, it’s from a local brand in the Philippines. Though I already found my HG mascara, I’m still curious whether I could find an international brand that works as good as my Fashion21 mascara. With that, I ordered Wet n Wild XXL Lash mascara. Here is what I think of the product.



Will you believe that the early mascaras are in pressed cake form? Good thing, tubes and mascara applicators were invented! I cannot imagine myself applying mascara in pressed cake form! All mascaras nowadays are in tubes, they just differ in applicator! By far, the most unique mascara I’ve tried is the one from Kate Tokyo. 

This WnW XXL Lash works just like my typical mascara. It has a twisted bristles for volumizing effect. 

It applicator is somewhat tapered. I mostly use the tip (smaller) to apply the product on my lower lashes


I have to searched google for the description. One downfall of this mascara, the packaging doesn't say anything about the product. Not even if it’s waterproof or not. Though, the list of ingredients is written in the seal.

Wet n Wild says,
Wet n Wild XXL Lash Mascara gives your lashes an XXL-lift! With its amazing formula it gives your lashes extreme volume, color and shine!


I have tried tons of mascara from Local brand. I honestly think that drugstore brands make really good mascara. I just don’t like spending thousands for mascara, but maybe, that’s just me! 

This mascara is fairly cheap, it is priced for only Php 389 at Click HERE, if you want to order the same mascara. I’ve been using this mascara alternately with my Fashion21 and I could say that it’s an alright mascara. I find myself reaching for this more than my Maybelline for everyday. 
Maybelline makes really good mascara, but I find them too much for daily use. They are really waterproof and quite hard to remove with just water and soap. That makes me love this mascara, it’s easy to remove. 

I also like that it gives my lashes the right amount of volume and length for daily use. Not too dramatic – just perfect for everyday use.
Although, I wouldn’t really recommend this for weddings or special occasion. If you’re into vavavoom lashes, this may not be the mascara for you.


It’s a good mascara to use for daily, though, this is not something I would recommend for special events. The claim is quite exaggerated, as it doesn’t really give my lashes Xtra Xtra Volume, but it gives my lashes a good volume that’s not too overwhelming for daily use.
I like it for daily use, for that purpose alone. I find myself reaching for this alternately with Fashion21. It gives me the blackest black I could get for a mascara, it is easy to apply without clumping or flaking and removes easily with soap and water. It does have a chemical-like smell which might turn you off. 

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