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For years and years and years, I’ve been a huge fan of gel liners! But recently, I became more curious in trying out other kinds of eyeliners particularly liquid liners. This is not the first time I have tried using liquid eyeliner, I remember I used to try different kinds of liquid liners back then and nothing seems to work on me. Until one day I just decided to giveup! *sigh*

Not too long ago, I saw my sister using LA Girl felt tip eyeliner. I know her skill in applying eyeliner, (not to make lait ah, I love my sisters! LOL) she can barely apply gel liner or pencil eyeliner decently! As I was watching her, I was surprise on the way she applied her eyeliner with the felt tip eyeliner. Holy moly, she did it! Not perfect, but it’s quite decent, really! So, I borrowed her liner and tried it myself. Wow, it applies so easily and it gives me the most intense black! However, the down side is that it does transfer like it won’t set forever.  So, that actually marks the start of my journey in finding the perfect liquid eyeliner. I searched google and did a little research on the best liquid eyeliners there is, I ended up trying LOL eyeliner and the ever famous K-Palette. I’m planning to buy Heroine too since my friend Genzel of Genzelkisses told me that it’s very comparable to K-Palette and it’s cheaper!



LOL Liquid eyeliner comes in two formulations; the more expensive of the two has smudgeproof & waterproof formulation (02) which is the one I purchased since it’s just few peso pricier than the regular one. Both formulations is in dip-brush kind of applicator where it is similar to that of a nail polish but only thinner. Dip-brush eyeliner has a bottle with a brush that must be dipped (hence, the name) in between each application. 
This kind of liquid eyeliner is quite hard to work with, honestly especially if you don’t have steady hand. I’m very used in applying gel liner and using dip brush eyeliner is sooooo damn difficult. I take some time in applying this kind of liquid eyeliner. 


K-Palette is the perfect kind of liquid eyeliner for beginners. It came in a pen-like applicator which is why it’s easier to draw a line compared to dip brush. 
Also, it dispenses the right amount of product. It starts sheer and adding layer intensifies the line. I would say that it’s less prone to error than LOL liquid eyeliner.


Both liquid promises to give smudgeproof and waterproof capabilities, while K-palette also claims to stay put for 24 hours. I did one-on-one battle between these two eyeliners, which liquid eyeliner will win? Is it the 139-peso dip brush LOl eyeliner or 795-worth and ever famous K-palette eyeliner?


I applied both products on my arms. I noticed that K-Palette starts less pigmented but you can add layers to achieve the blackest black you want unlike LOL that is already blackest black in its first application.
I let them set and dry for few minutes and rubbed them off. None of them really budged even if I rubbed them so hard for 10x. 



I placed them on a running water to test out their waterproof capability. 
I wet them and rubbed them gently , they didn’t budged
But then, when I rubbed them off too hard (like 100x, hhaha!), finally, they did crumbled. I actually like my eyeliner to crumbled and becomes flaky when rubbed off than have eyeliner that smudges. When eyeliner smudges, it gives you a dirtier look like a panda-eye. When it crumbles like this, the eyeliner will be rubbed off but it won’t give you a panda-looking eyes.


Both of them really stayed amazingly on my arms. They didn’t budge in both waterproof and smudgeproof test! BUT, the twist here is that our lids are quite more complicated. Unlike my arms, our lids tend to get oily and any eyeliner, no matter how waterproof it is, has no match for oil. This is why even though these surpassed the test I’ve done earlier, I couldn’t promise that these eyeliners will stay put on your lids the entire time. The oilier your lids, the less likely these will stay.  On my lids, both of them would stay amazingly unless I rubbed them off with my fingers.

So when using any kind of eyeliner, refrain from rubbing your eyes. If you have really oily skin/lids, use eye primer first then set it with powder. Thereafter, you can apply the eyeliner to make it lasts longer!

So who win the battle? Both of them are actually good. LOL is almost 5 to 6 times cheaper than K-Palette. If you don’t have budget or you can’t imagine spending that amount of money for eyeliner, I highly recommend you to try LOL liquid eyeliner. BUT If I were to choose between the two, I would choose K-Palette over LOL Liquid eyeliner.  Yes, it is really pricey but the convenience it gives me is just enough reason for me to repurchase K-Palette over LOL. K-Palette is easier to bring and more convenient for retouching while with LOL, I just couldn’t do my eyeliner decently without spending tons effort and time. 

In this photo, I used K-Palette eyeliner! Even though I'm still a beginner in liquid eyeliner, I believe I did a decent job in applying my eyeliner. Thanks to K-Palette! It makes applying liquid eyeliner a lot easier.
I added Eye of Horus for a pop of color on my waterline.

Have tried any of thse eyeliner? Let me know what you think! Until then, xoxo.

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  1. Khrishia Ronquillo-SedenioMarch 8, 2015 at 7:31 PM

    I'd go with K-Palette because of the convenience when applying it pero LOL is too good to be true! I'd try it out of curiosity :)

  2. wow i havent tried LOL because my eyes was set on kpalette!

    dear, eb has released their new lipstick im still looking for a great swatches mind if you can feature some on your page =)

  3. It is really harder to use dip brush for me too. I like K-Palette but two of my faves so far are the Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, and Majolica Majorca Linehunter. :-)

  4. thanks sis. will try to pick up a shade or two sa eb. thanks dear


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo