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Ellana Pressed Mineral Powder

If my memory serves me right, Ellana was my first mineral makeup ever. Their famous loose foundation was my holy grail product back then. However, I find loose foundation quite messy to apply especially when used for retouching. I don’t like bringing loose products with me when I’m travelling. *sigh* Why can’t it be in pressed form – I wished! 

After years, Ellana finally heard us, ladies! I was sooooo kilig when I got this product but only to find out that the shade is way too dark on me. Anyway, I’ll let you know more about it later! Keep reading.


Ellana says,
Can’t take your sweet time applying loose powders? Do we have something for you! Our Ultimate Pressed Powder foundation combines the convenience of traditional makeup and the skin-friendly benefits of minerals in one compact. It has a light to medium coverage and a matte finish.


The packaging is sooooo pretty, this reminds me so much of Benefit and The Balm packaging. 
The downside, though, is that since it’s not made of plastic but of a board, it can get very dirty. 
As you can see, my packaging is so dirty. With plastic packaging, I only use makeup remover to clean it up. But for this one, oh no. I really have no idea how. T.T Well, but environmentally-speaking, this one is more environmental-friendly than plastics. Plus, it’s refillable!


The shade I got is in Hazelnutte latte which apparently my shade way back years ago when I’m still using Ellana Loose Foundation. Holy cow, I never thought I really lightened up this much. 
This is what I get for not testing out the product first before buying. Huhu.

The foundation is way, way darker than my skintone. I couldn’t really use it! But I’m saving it for  my summer shade! Hence, I didn’t include it on my makeup sale.


Honestly, it’s been years and years already since the last time I’ve tried Ellana loose foundation and I really can’t remember how good it was. 

Ellana says that this foundation is in light-to-medium coverage. But when I tried it out, I was surprisingly amazed by its coverage. I would like to say that it’s in medium to full coverage. It has one of the best coverage for a powder foundation. For full coverage, use sponge. If you want a sheerer coverage, use loose powder foundation brush. For medium coverage, I like using wet sponge.

Here is my Before (left) and After (right) photo using Ellana Pressed Mineral in Hazelnutt Latte
Sorry for the uneven application, the foundation is just way too dark for my skin. I use my Real Technique sponge in applying this product. 
As you can see, it was able to cover up imperfections on my face. Take note, I didn’t use any concealer underneath. (tho, i did use concealer on my brows) Really amazing coverage!!!

It photographs really well. My skin looks flawless and poreless, right? However, in real life, it was a struggle. It was a struggle to blend it on my skin since the shade is too dark. I don’t blame Ellana for it, it was purely my crazy choice not to swatch the product before purchasing.
Close up, it doesn’t really appear poreless and flawless. Since it’s a heavy-coverage foundation, it appears really cakey on skin. The best application is to use wet sponge, really! Applying moisturizer and primer underneath also helps.
For the powder per se, it’s so pigmented that only one swipe can give your skin a good amount of coverage. 
However, it was too powdery; it can waste so much product especially when used with brush. 


It’s a good foundation if you are looking for a pressed mineral foundation. It has an amazing, amazing coverage. Best used with wet sponge! It’s like wearing liquid foundation but in powder form. If you have minor imperfection, you can use this powder on its own as it already can cover acne marks, redness, etc even without concealer.

This foundation tends to be cakey. I wouldn’t recommend setting your bb creams or liquid foundation with this powder. This foundation is good on its own with a moisturizer or primer underneath

Have you tried this Ellana? What are your fave Ellana products?

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