Sunday, March 15, 2015

LA Girl High Definition PRO Concealer

Who says there’s no forever? For a beauty blogger, finding the “perfect” products is a forever journey. I used to lie to myself that once I have found my Holy Grail product, I will stop buying makeup. It’s just that there’s always something wrong in every product! Or there’s always something better out there!–LOL. This has been my forever excuse to my boyfriend or whoever will ask me why I keep buying many makeups even though I still have more than enough makeup for myself. But the truth is, I keep buying makeup because I never settle.  I will rave about a product, will use it for months and months, and eventually, I will get tired of it. I’m sure most of you can understand me! Haha! Plus, I wouldn’t last this long in this blogging world anyway if I don’t keep on trying out things, right? (Now, that’s even a better excuse!)

Though, I have been overly satisfied with my Naturactor cover foundation to cover up my imperfections and brightens up my undereye, it still didn’t stop me from trying out other products, hoping to find something that’s even better. 

After all the raves from my favorite youtube beauty gurus, I decided to give LA Pro Concealer a try! They say it’s a great dupe for Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer. 


LA Girl says,
Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage,evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.
This blendable and buildable formula provides the ultimate, customizable coverage. This must-have concealer includes a soft brush-tip for easy application.


It came in a squeeze-tube with a secure screw cap. It has a soft brush applicator at the tip of the tube. The product dispenses very smoothly. 
The packaging says it contains 8 g of product. Honestly, if you were to purchase it here in Watsons, you will find this product a bit pricey for the amount that you’ll be getting. I have only used it for about 6-7 times, but it feels like I’m already half way of the tube. Also, considering that it’s not really a little goes a long way kind of product. 
On top of it, I also think that putting a brush is not a good idea as it tends to eat up some of the product and not very hygienic (you need to clean it at least every two weeks, and you end up wasting some of the product, db?) and really don’t do much in applying the concealer. But that’s just me. If you find this applicator very useful, then great!


These PRO Concealers are available in wide range of shades, 18 shades to be exact. However, only few shades are available in Watsons here in the Philippines. Fortunately, I saw The Primp Pad and MakeupHolics stocking up more shades for you! Visit their site, I highly recommend them for authentic imported cosmetics.

I purchased my tube from Watsons for Php 299 and I asked for the lightest shade available. The Saleslady gave me Creamy Beige, which is a bit salmon-y. Based on the swatches of these concealers, Creamy Beige is the third lightest shade next to Classic Ivory and Natural. 
I’m kind of disappointed with the shade I have since I purchased it for highlighting purposes. But the shade is too “orangey” for that purpose, if you want to use this PRO concealer as highlighter, I recommend to try Classic Ivory instead. 


Very creamy, a bit thick in consistency. It blends easily using my fingers. In terms of coverage, it doesn’t really cover up dark acne marks. If you have really dark blemishes, you might need more layers to cover them up. 

As you can see, I have been breaking out so badly. So far, it’s the worst break out I have this year. I have two big, dark acne marks on my chin area and few acne marks on my cheeks and forehead. 
I think I used two-to-three layers just to cover up the blemishes on my chin. On my undereye area, since it has orangey undertone, it’s a great color correcting and gives my undereye a nice, brightened effect. 
In contrast to most reviews, layering this product can enhance the wrinkles under my eyes. If you happen to have problematic wrinkles under your eyes, I highly recommend using primer or eye cream to moisturize the area prior to applying this product.


It’s pretty cheap (if you will buy it online) and works decently. I would say that the coverage is in between sheer to medium. You can go for full coverage, but it will get cakey and heavy due to its thick consistency. BUT, in fairness, it photographs really well. It doesn’t give my face that weird whitecast under my eyes when taken with flash. 
Overall, I think it’s a good concealer for undereyes than for blemishes. Just make sure to moisturize your undereye as it tends to emphasize the lines on my eyes. 

-creamy and glides smoothly
-available online and in Watsons nationwide
-brightens up my undereye circles
-wide range of shade
-Creamy beige has orangey undertone, can be use as color correcting concealer
-very handy

-needs layering to cover up dark blemishes
-quite pricier when purchased in Watsons
-limited shades available in Watsons
-tends to emphasize wrinkles and lines when face/undereyes are not well- moisturized

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  1. The brightening effect is nice, though I'm a little wary of needing to layer on the concealer. I get self-conscious na baka it's caked on.


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