Saturday, March 7, 2015

Maybelline Fit Me! Liquid Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me foundation is probably one of the most talked foundations to date. All the youtube gurus I followed are raving about this product. Unfortunately, Maybelline Fit Me foundation is not yet available in the Philippines. Thankfully, Kering Keri store, one of my fave online stores, have new stocks of this foundation!! Yay! 


Maybelline says,
It's makeup that doesn’t mess with you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural. Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through. Non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested. 


Since it’s not yet available here I tried googling the product to do some “research” on which shade will suit my skintone. While searching, I found out that this product is available in two packaging.

The US-manufactured Maybelline fit me has no pump while UK-Maybelline fit me has pump. So do not be confused if you see some bloggers reviewing this product with pump. 
Mine came in a glass bottle with no pump, but why Maybelline, why! T.T


They have wide range of shades. Choosing the shade is very vital in finding the perfect foundation. Shades that end with 0 (like 110, 130, 210) has yellow undertone while shades that end with 5 has pink undertone.
I think the perfect shade for my NC30-ish skin is either 210 or 220. Sadly, Kering Keri shop has no stock for those shades. The next yellow-based shade she have I believe is 230. If you know me, I would rather buy foundation that is lighter than darker on my skintone. 
And so I opted for 135, a light pink-based shade. Hence, I was not surprise with the pink-light shade I received after swatching on my face. To avoid making this foundation appear too weird on my skin, I make sure to blend this product on my neck as well.


As expected, the coverage is very light and dewy. I usually apply this with a buffing brush to provide more coverage. I wouldn’t really recommend applying this product with wet egg sponge, real technique sponge or beauty blender, as wet application will give you really natural, sheer coverage. Since this one is already thin and runny on its own, applying it with wet sponge does not make any sense at all. 

When I first applied it on my face using my buffing brush, I really couldn’t see any difference. Until I took some photos and zoomed it in. 

My natural skin has few acne marks, uneven skintone, open pores and broken capillaries. 
After applying the foundation, you can still see some acne marks peeking through. But it did somehow cover up some broken capillaries on my cheeks. Also, the effect is dewy and glowing. You can see how it reflects the light making my skin glows. 
In this photo, you can see that it evens out my skintone and fills up my pores. 


Overall, this is a great foundation if you are looking for a foundation that is light on skin and will give you a “your skin but better” effect. It was able to evens out my skintone, diminish redness on my face, cover minor blemishes and broken capillaries and make skin look glowy and healthy. 
However, if you have oily skin, you might want to purchase the “matte” version of this product. Also, I wouldn’t recommend this if you are looking for full-coverage foundation as this can only provide light to medium coverage.

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  1. Khrishia Ronquillo-SedenioMarch 8, 2015 at 12:08 AM

    Ganda Ms. Eloisa! Pero is this the replacement for the Aqua Gel? I've been using it as my go-to foundation pero phased out na daw. Ano na ba pumalit?

  2. I just recently decided to use liquid foundation and of all the brands i've tried, only got super attached to my maybeline :D

  3. wat shade would u recommend for nc25


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo