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Skincare and Makeup Monthly Favorite: March 2015

It feels like it’s been ages since the last time I posted a monthly fave… exactly one year ago actually! I gathered all the makeup that I’ve used for the past months and rounded up all my makeup essentials! 

I don’t usually do monthly favorites but when I do, I make sure to include only the ones that I’ve tried, tested and KikaySiMaria approved! 



I’m very consistent, KOJIE SAN is still unbeatable in my heart. It has always been and will always be my favorite facial soap. Very affordable, and effective! 
I will keep repurchasing this baby until I can find something that will work better in terms of price and effectiveness. Detailed review HERE.
For many years, I’ve tried different facial scrubs but I keep coming back to ST. IVES. The bead is quite large but it doesn’t feel so harsh on my skin. It’s very effective in preventing blackheads and keeps my skin smooth and soft. 
Next in line, the one that I just recently discovered but worthy to mention in this post. My new favorite pimple remover, Quick Fx Pimple Eraser. After it was out-of-stock for a very long time, Watsons finally restocked these again. It’s very affordable for only Php 49 and amazing! It works really well in drying out my pimples!
Olay moisturizer is my all-time favorite moisturizer. But since I still have tons of Loreal Revatalift samples with me, I decided to use them instead. I like them because they moisturize my face really well, and I have an obsession with anti-aging creams. Also, though this is moisturizing cream, it doesn’t feel oily nor heavy on my face.


For Primer, I highly recommend Quick Fx No Shine Mattifier  and Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I personally like Maybelline better because it lasts longer; however,  Quick Fx No Shine is almost as good as Maybelline, and 3x cheaper!
For my eyebrows, I’ve been really, really enjoying Kate Tokyo eyebrow pencil. It reminds me so much of my MAC eyebrow pencil. I’m a huge fan of very slim eyepencils because these are more precise in outlining. 

This eyebrow pencil is not pigmented which is another plus for me. I don’t like highly pigmented eyebrow products as those will look too fake. This one, on the other hand, looks really natural and blends with my eyebrows. The only downside is I find it quite pricey. However, still cheaper than Mac eyebrow pencil. 
I also like The Face Shop and Etude House slanted pencils. The qualities of these brow pencils are very much alike. I like to use them alternately   to fill in my eyebrows since Kate Tokyo eyebrow is too slim for that job.
Another fave of mine in filling up my eyebrow hairs is my Mac Eyebrow Powder. It’s not as pigmented as eyeshadows. But works well as eyebrow shader and contour. 

Eyebrow gels are my fave kind of eyebrow products ever. It makes a huge difference on my over-all eyebrow look. And now, the one that I’ve been using is from Kate Mineral Tokyo Eyebrow Gel. I love it to bits! If you want to know how I do my eyebrows, click HERE
Ever since I started working, I’ve been really loving Kate Tokyo Powderless foundation. It brightens up my skin and appears really natural on skin. I like using my Real Technique Wet Sponge or buffing brush to apply this powder. Click HERE for full review.
Another product that I will highly, highly recommend is my NATURACTOR. I have two shades, in 151 and 140. My skin is very uneven, this is why I use two shades on my face. 151 is to cover up imperfections on my forehead and chin area. 141 is the one I use to cover acne marks on my cheeks and conceal my dark undereye circles. Click HERE for full review.

By the way, in this pic I'm also wearing my fave lip balm to date, Maybelline Baby LipsI have really dry lips. I’ve mentioned that millions of times already. I forgot the shade, but I do like that it has a nice, pink shade. The color is very sheer since it’s a lipbalm.
Although, I'm already using Powderless foundation, I still set my makeup with 3W Clinic powder. I absolutely love this one. Infact, this is my second tub. It sets everything and make my makeup lasts longer. I prefer Setting powder more than powder foundation because, recently, my skin has been breaking out with powder foundations. But if I would recommend a powder foundation, it has got to be my Kate Tokyo powder foundation. I am so inlove with it. Too bad, my skin isn't compatible with powder foundation. huhuh. Full review on 3w clinic HERE and Powder Foundation HERE.
Next in line are my cheek products. My all-time favorite cheek product is my Sophie Magic Cream. However, it’s hard to find a reseller of Sophie products in my area. So, for now, I’ve been using and loving Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Doll House Pink on my cheeks. I don’t use it on my lips though ‘cause it makes my teeth appear very yellowish. But on my cheeks, it’s nothing but amazing. It gives me the most beautiful natural pink cheeks and lasts a very long time.   
I also use Ever Bilena Pink Petal Blush on top to set the lipstick-on-my cheeks.
For eyeliners, I'm currently loving K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner. It's very easy to use and last decently on my oily lids. For detailed review, click HERE.

For mascara, I'm still very happy with my Fashion21 Double Up mascara. I like it as my everyday mascara. Full review HERE.

February-March is a fun months for my lips. 
I have been using different lippies and here are my faves! 
Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks in Think Pink– I didn’t like this shade before. But surprisingly, I’ve been wearing it almost 1/3 of February. The shade is soooo beautiful! It’s very light and girly. It looks even better when paired with a nice Barbie-ish pink blush. Click HERE for full review.
Nyx Lip Cream in Stockholm – I always blot my Wet n Wild lipsticks with Gatsby Powdered Blotting paper to make it appear matte and to make it last longer. But there are days when I’m being so lazy. In those kind of days, I like reaching this lip product. It’s very easy to apply, gives me a nice MLBB shade and it’s matte. Definitely, one of my no-brainer kind of lipsticks. Click HERE for full review.
Wet n Wild in Mauve outta Here- when I like to look extra-fabulous but not too overwhelming, this my go-to shade. I'm inlove with mauve shade lipsticks. Click HERE for full review.
Nyx Matte Lipstick in Audrey – this is almost like WnW Mauve Outta Here but more wearable. If you are looking for a matte, everyday shade lipstick, I highly, highly, highly recommend this color. Click HERE for full review.
Wet N Wild Lip Balm stain in  Rico Mauve- surprise surprise! Another wet n wild product to love! This shade is gorgeous. It’s a wearable pink shade that stains into a pinky-red shade after few hours. I’ve been wearing this shade for almost the entire month of March because it’s a two-in-one product. It moisturizes my lips really well and has a nice, flattering every day shade.
Loreal Lipstick in Blaze of Red – The only red I fell inlove with. Among all the matte red lipsticks that I have tried, this one is my holy grail. Though I don’t use it very often, since I feel like red is too much for an everyday wear,  I will still repurchase this shade in case I run out of it. Click HERE for full review

What are your monthly favorites?

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  1. I use Kojie San too! And I find it very effective :D

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  3. I am amazed on the power of Naturactor! I use it everyday! :)

  4. nice lipstick choices!


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