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Are you a kind of buyer who google for reviews first before buying things? Well, I am! Though, sometimes, impulse buying can be my thing (when I have extra-cash! Otherwise, I make sure to google it first!!). During the time I give in to impulsive buying, I either get tempted to try product because of its super cheap price tag or uber tempting packaging! But for most case, it’s because of the price.

Watsons could be the happiest place in the world next to Disneyland I suppose. *giggles*.  Recently, and surprisingly, I always see myself in its Bath/Body section.  The hot weather in the Philippines made me want to bath the entire day! Ugh. I know you can feel me!!! Anyway, one of the things that I got intrigued with was this product from “The Cream Factory.” I’m happy to have the chance to try these products!


The Cream Factory is the first and the only dessert for skin combines the creamy goodness of real Netherlands goat milk and 100% Active Botanical extracts sourced from around the world.

 Yes, you read it right! Real Netherlands goat milk.
Imagine yourself. A modern Cleopatra. Bathing in milk. But wait, what’s with milk that makes it so good for your skin?

Goat milk is an extremely moisturizing stuff that contains a lot of fatty acids that soften, smoothen and condition our skin. Not only that, it also locks in moisture to keep your skin always hydrated. Other than that, it soothes skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, has vitamins needed to repair damaged tissue and helps remove dead skin cells. 

My mom is seriously right when she said that milk is good for me!


The Cream Factory has two products to boost: the Bath Creams and Scrub-it-all. Both came into these so-adorable packaging! 
The Bath cream came in a milk-inspired bottle while Scrub-it-all in this huge tub.  


This product did live up to the hype – there I’m saying it! Aside from its attractive packaging, the formulations are just as amazing. 

The Bath cream, though it’s made of milk, doesn’t have the same consistency as milk. Have you tried Baylis and Harding milk bath? It reminds me so much of that. It has a semi-clear, quite thick consistency. 
Scrub-it-all, obviously, is like a cream with small bits (walnut) to exfoliate skin. 
Both products are available in wide variants. The variants I received are: Witch Hazel (bath creams) and Creamy Jojoba (scrub it all)
This Witch Hazel has a nice, clean soapy smell. *sniffing* Hmm, safeguard white? But a bit more refreshing in scent. I really like that it isn’t too overwhelming. But, I heard that other variants smell cremier and yummier! 

I’ve been really loving this product. Not just because it has great packaging, wide variants and delicious smells. These products really worked! My skin is quite complicated than normal, my face tends to be so oily but the rest (body and scalp) are so dry. Whenever I scratch my skin, it gives me those not-so-nice white patches. My sister recommends that I use lotion daily. BUT, with this kind of weather, I try to keep away from lotion as it gives me that sticky, icky, yucky feeling! 

To my surprise, while using this product, my skin doesn’t feel dry even without lotion! I don’t get that white patches anymore!! Yay!. 

Knowing that it’s not a lotion, and yet it keeps my skin well-moisturized, I’m really impressed.

Overall, I really like it. It’s expensive for reasons: it contains real goat milk and it works! 

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