Sunday, May 3, 2015


No, I’m not broken hearted --- For almost 20 years of my existence, I have settled for the same hairstyle. A long, layered hair. And then, one day I woke up feeling a bit more adventurous. 

Unlike makeup, I’m not risky when it comes to my hair. This is the first time (in my life ever) that I wanted my hair to be short. Hence, I want a salon that will give me a “satisfaction guaranteed” service. With that, I found this hair salon called “Vivere Salon” which, based on reviews, was one of the best hair salons in the Metro.


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I was with my boyfriend when I arrived in the Salon. Thankfully, it wasn’t too crowded so he was able to grab the next seat beside me. 

The attendants were very accommodating, even making sure that my boyfriend will not get bored while waiting for me. They gave us magazine and something to drink. 

I feel bad for forgetting the name of the attendant, but anyway, he introduced me to my hair stylist. If I can remember it correctly (I’m really bad at remembering names!), the name of the senior stylist was Tom. He’s very nice and accommodating as well.

So, we had a little chitchat about my hair. The attendant suggested some hair treatments for my hair since it was so dull and lifeless. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough cash with me so I settled for hair cut and scalp treatment.

The scalp treatment, according to the attendant, will exfoliate my scalp to help get rid of the dandruff. After washing my hair, he applied a menthol cream on my scalp and gently massages it. While I wait for the cream to work on my hair, he gave me a really relaxing head and shoulder massage. 

After that, he rinses my hair and prepared everything I need for my haircut.

I asked Tom what I wanted my hair: a hair just above my shoulder length. I even showed him this picture of Selena Gomez inspired apple- cut look
or maybe this MarianRiver short-haired look


The result? It was gorgeous fresh out of salon. Just the way I like it! 
Tom also advised me on the things I should do to maintain my hair. And believe me, I did everything he said. I don’t know what in the world is wrong with how I do my hair but I can’t seem to style it like how it looks fresh out of the salon. It would go really volumized on half down my hair. I tried applying hair serum to tame it, but none seems to work! I’m kind of hopeless.
The left side of my hair looks really great. 
But I’m really disappointed on the right side. It went a bit curly and has too much volume.
I’m considering having it volume rebonded to tame the right side, but I’m still quite hesitant as I know how damaging Rebonding is. 

Anyway, I still think that my hair cut was quite decent. Though, it didn’t deliver the result as I expected. By the way, I paid Php 600 for the hair cut. 

Even the scalp treatment didn’t go well on me. The treatment supposed to last for atleast two weeks. However, the next day, my head starts itching again due to dandruff.  I guess, I really need to see dermatologist for this. I’m just sad that the Php 750 scalp treatment didn’t worked for me. 

OVERALL, I’m quite okay with my haircut. But sometimes, I get frustrated fixing it up. If you have any suggestion on how I can fix my hair or products you think might help me, please comment it down below. Until then, my loves! xoxo

How about you, what's your fave Salon? Have you tried having your hair done at Vivere Salon?

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  1. It looks great when they blow dried it but I think I can spot the uneven volume already. Sorry about the puffy side, try coconut oil to weigh it down in the meantime?

  2. Hi! Some tips to keep scalp dandruff free.
    1. Use small amount of shampoo, then rinse thoroughly especially your scalp with gentle scrubbing. ( try changing your shampoo and conditioner). Avoid applying conditioner on scalp.
    2. Moisture your scalp with organic oil, like virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil. Choose which works with you. (Warm VCO and olive oil to make it thinner before application) The cheapest among the 3 is the extra virgin olive oil. The VCO and jojoba oil I buy them at Healthy Options.
    3. Once every two weeks remove hair residues by rinsing your hair with Bragg apple cider vinegar diluted with water. (you may Google the proportion)
    4. If all of the above did not work, you may use nizoral shampoo. Effective anti dandruff shampoo. ( please consult your dermatologist regarding this it may cause allergic reactions)


Thank you for the comment ;p xoxo