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Ever Bilena Matte lipsticks – these are probably the most famous line of lipstick from a local brand. From fellow beauty bloggers to beauty gurus in youtube, all of them have something to say about these lipsticks. It became even more popular when these lipsticks were put on-sale for quite some time that customers speculated that these will be discontinued. Thankfully, instead of being discontinued, EB added more shades in the collection.

While I didn’t enjoy matte lipsticks as I have chappy lips, I have to give credit to the wide range of shades available in this line. Offbeat pink and Pink Flame are my top picks from the EB Matte lipstick Line.  

If you’re one of those people who fell inlove with their EB Matte lipsticks, behold, as EB has released their first ever set of lipsticks from EB Advance line, the Supreme Lipsticks.


Ever Bilena says,
Introducing the ultimate lip color to look out for -- the EB Advance Supreme Lipstick (Php 195), Drench your kissers in the rich and on-trend shades of this lipstick named after famous beauty icons and unique colors. The EB Advance Supreme Lipstick comes in 6 matte and 6 creme shades infused with ingredients that condition the lips, keeping it light but still luscious looking over your lips. A swipe of this is enough to make head turns and create impact at a glance

EB Advance Brand and Ever Bilena Brand is under one company yet it caters to different types of women.


I received five shades from the brand. I wish they sent me the whole set ‘cause I want to swatch them all! LOL. I dare to say that these lipsticks are far better than EB Matte lipsticks line—based on my experience.
Unlike the previous mentioned lipsticks, these are available in two formulation: Matte and Crème. You’ll know I’ll pick the latter.
Unlike the EB matte lipstick version which seems to be semi-matte than matte, the Matte formulation in this line is a true matte. No sheen. Just plain, matte shade! 

Since matte are drying, expect that they won't glide smoothly on your lips and have the tendency to enhance the lines when not well-moisturized. The two matte shades I received are OMG, so gorgeous! Pink Punch is soooooo puuurrffeecct while Red Twilight reminds me so much of my fave Loreal Lipstick in Brave red!

On the other hand, Creme formulation gives my lips that rich pigmentation and appears very youthful on my lips. Jackie-O is so amazing, so beautiful, so divine! Perfect mixture of pink, mauve with hint of red.


This shade is totally a head-turner! I was staring at it for a minute or two, it's so gorgeous! If you're into matte, this one is a must have!
Though the shade appears lighter in picture, it's actually darker in person. Well, not too dark! Reminds me of my ever favorite Loreal Colour Riche in Brave Red! 
 JACKIE-O (Creme)
Gorgeous is not enough to describe this shade. I'm inlove with it, this has got to be my top pick from the shades that I received! It has the perfect mix of red, pink and mauve. It's so flexible, I won't mind using it for work or for special occassions!
Elizabeth is like my kind of red. I love how it brightens up my face with just one swipe! So gorgeous and elegant-looking, I would definitely wear this for formal occasions.
  AUDREY (Creme)
Audrey looks nice. It's a toned-down red. I like it, but probably my least pick among the shades I have. This can be a good everyday red shade


Overall, I really, really like these lipsticks. My top pick would be Jackie-O. Elizabeth and Pink Punch would rank 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Red twilight is great if you like darker red. Audrey would be my least fave since it isn’t as beautiful as Elizabeth but still gorgeous.

I'm inlove with these lipsticks. These are creamy, pigmented and affordable!

  • Affordable, for only Php 195!
  • Available in two formulation: Matte and Creme
  • True matte formulation 
  • Creme has good formulation, glides smoothly like butter!
  • Not drying on me
  • Highly pigmented

I'm Okay
  • stays on for a decent amount of time, as long as you don't eat. 

Have you tried this lipstick, what are your top picks?

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