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Have you seen my previous review from The Cream Factory? I really like it because it made my skin soft and smooth. Though, I must say that it’s hellyah pricey for a soap and scrub.

Thankfully, I found this good alternative for their bath milk soap, which I believe is the closest you can get locally as an alternative to the expensive Netherland goat’s milk soap. 

The brand is called Kala Milk Soap.  Kala milk soap is the first-ever specialty bath soap made from local carabao's milk and the best ingredients. Kala Milk has the highest content of good butterfat compared to other milk products, thus giving it intense moisturizing properties. Because only natural ingredients are used, Kala Milk Soap does not harm the environment like other commercial soaps.


Kala Milk soap offers several variants! 
The packaging stays true to its campaign on being eco-friendly products, it uses paper wrap instead of the typical plastic wrap of commercial brands.

The two variants I chose are: Lemongrass and Lavender.


Kala milk soap says
"Lemongrass has astringent properties that help treat acne and  other skin inflammations, while the scent stimulates and refreshes."

I say,
Lemongrass has a fresh clean scent with a hint of citrus, perfect soap to boost your energy. It’s the best variant to use to start a day! I’m loving this scent most especially during hot days. The scent reminds me so much of an ivory soap.


Kala milk soap says:
"Calming scent soothes the nerves and eases stress. Lavender also helps increase mental activity"

I say,
Lavender, which by the way is my fave scent, is the perfect scent to end a long, tiring day! The scent helps me calm down and relieve my stress, it’s very soothing. It’s the scent I like to smell before going to bed. Hence, I like to call this soap as my goodnight soap.


This soap, surprisingly for a natural soap, lathers really well. I can use it with or without bath sponge. Compared to most soap out in the market today, this isn’t really cheap.

A bar costs Php 115, twice to thrice the cost of normal bar soap in Watsons. 

However, considering that it contains a carabao soap (and other natural ingredients), the price isn’t bad at all. Commercial soap, while cheaper, may contain chemicals that are not beneficial for the environment. Likewise, some chemicals tend to be so strong that they can irritate the skin particularly those with sensitive skin.

Aside from the fact that these soaps are good for your skin and environment, part of their sales also goes to the farmers which helps send their kids to school.

My grandfather is a farmer, which is why I want to promote these kinds of products. I hope you can help me share and promote these products to your friends.

Kala Milk Soap is on sale from Php 115 to Php 99 ONLY at BeautyMNL. Click HERE to buy!

Overall, I really like this soap. It's good, moisturizing and great if you have sensitive skin.

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