Sunday, June 7, 2015


Today’s realization: Put your heart into everything you do.

Full-time employee, part-time seller and review center instructor. My life is a constant battle between wanting to sleep and finishing my module (or sometimes, blogging!). Looking at my life these past few days made me realized how passion can get me through everything. Without it, I probably gave up blogging and teaching. Thankfully, God showered me with people who are always there to support me all throughout. 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION PH is one brand worth mentioning. In spite of being less active to blogging, Makeup Revolution chose my blog to be the “Makeup  Revolution’s Blogger” for the month of June. 

You probably have heard of this brand as it was featured many times by some of the famous youtube gurus,  particularly in UK. 

Makeup Revolution was launched in London in March 2014, and quickly became the number 1 selling brand in Superdrug stores in the UK.

Without further ado, let me share you the two-products I received in the package they sent me.


I got cray cray the moment I opened the package. It’s all because of this super gorgeous palette.
The palette itself is very compact – considering that the product came with 36 gorgeous shades of eyeshadows. 
The packaging is kind-a cool, it’s a holographic-thingy where you see different images depending on the angle of the palette. It’s really interesting as it made the "Advisory" looks like it’s blinking. 
Parental Advisory Explicit Content palette contains great mix of neautrals, dark, bright, matte and shimmers. This palette is enough to create endless eye makeup look from subtle day makeup to vavavoom night party look! 

The eyeshadows are surprisingly soft and pigmented (though I haven’t swatched them all yet!). I randomly swatch the eyeshadows on my arms and look how amazing are the color payoff of these shadows! Even the white shade is very intense.
Majority of the shadows in this palette are shimmering shades, which I personally like. My top picks are the shades in the middle.
I did a makeup look using just the 3-shades in the 4th row of the palette, since these shades really caught my attention! In case you're interested, I use the right-most shade (orange-gold) as eye color, bronze on the outer V and the rusted shade (middle) to blend the orange-gold and bronze.  These are so divine! 
So here’s the makeup look I came out with! I find this makeup look appropriate for daily wear or you can vamp it up with a red lipstick to add more glamour in the look.
For subtle makeup look, I paired it with Makeup Revolution Amazing lipstick in Dusky. Dusky is a toned-down pink shade with very fine shimmers. I normally don’t enjoy frosted shades but this one, well, is an exemption. It’s like one of those bridal lip color that makes any makeup look appear softer.
If you want to look a bit more glamour, you may pair this makeup look with a matte red lipstick. I think anyone can totally rock this makeup look. 
What do you think of this makeup look? Me? I love it! 
The eyeshadows are really easy to blend!!


Overall, the lipstick is just okay with me. I cannot speak for the entire collection of the lipstick as I have only tried the shade Dusky. These lipsticks are available in matte formulation. And hey, you can only get them for only Php 110 at makeup revolution site HERE (click HERE to direct you to the link of their shop).

As for the Explicit content palette, it’s totally worth the price! It’s actually so affordable for its quality. 36-shade palette with great color selection, for only Php 890? It’s a steal, really!

Have you tried Makeup Revolution? What are your top pick products from the brand?

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