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Ciracle products were never new to me! I heard them from my friends who were sponsored by The WishTrend way back years ago, but I never got the chance to try these because I thought they’re not available locally! To my surprise, you can find Ciracle products at some selected Department stores like SM Megamall, Makati, South Mall and North Edsa. You can also get them at Watson Mall of Asia and Edsa The Block. Even the famous Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy featured their products HERE and HERE.

I also discovered that you can also shop online thru their website HERE. They offer free shipping anywhere in the Philippines! I spent half an hour browsing on their products. Ughh! Everything seems so promising! But because I couldn’t buy everything, I just picked 2 products to test out: Ciracle Daily Peeling Wash Gel and Repairing V3 Cream! And here are my thoughts on their products!!! (three exclamation means I’m super excited! LOL)



I picked Daily Peeling Gel because the product reminds me so much of Cure Natural Aqua Gel. The obvious difference is the latter is in clear gel while this one is white– looks like a cream. Also, Cure Nature Aqua gel is Japan-made while Daily Peeling Gel is made from Korea.

I noticed in Asian countries like Japan and Korea, they’re very particular with their Exfoliating products. It should be gentle on skin. In Western countries, they prefer harsh scrubs. No wonder, microdermbrasion and chemical peels are so popular in those countries. 

But the thing with Microdermbrasion, chemical peels or other marketed exfoliation creams/scrubs, if you use them too often, it will hurt your skin. Daily Wash Peeling Gel was named like that for a reason. Unlike other marketed exfoliation, this was formulated to exfoliate skin gently. Hence, the name “Daily Wash.” Don’t quote me here, but I assume that this gel is gentler than Cure Natural Aqua Gel since Cure recommends using their product only twice weekly. 


1. Without wetting your face and hands, squeeze out adequate amount of this gel and apply it into your face. Take note that Ciracle will work best on dry skin, and less efficient if you have wet skin. Make sure that your face and hands are dry before using this.
2. Gently making round circle, massage the gel for 30 seconds to 1 minute to remove dead skin. As you work the product into the skin, white particles will form. I don’t think that these are your dead skin. I suppose that these particles will help you exfoliate your skin. I think of it like the tiny bits in typical facial scrubs.
3. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. 

After using the product, my feels really clean yet it doesn’t feel dry. When my sister first tried it on her skin, she got really excited. She’s like a kid who learned her first ABCs. 

I use this after my long, tiring day at work. It effectively removes my makeup even without the use of makeup removers. But please take note that I only use light makeup for everyday.  

On mornings, it removes all excess oils on my face! I love how it brightens up my skin and makes it feels clean! 


Another product that I’ve really loving is the Reiparing V3 Cream which I believe is one of their best selling creams. 

If you search google, you’ll find great reviews on this product! 

This product is so famous because it contains Snail mucus and Centella Asiatica (medicinal herb). Snail creams became popular about years ago due to its healing properties. There are studies in US where snail creams were used to treat skin burns. 

It was in 2011 when I first tried out Elicina Creams, a snail cream from Chile. I made a detailed review about it on this blog. The reason why I stopped using it is because they stop selling it here in the Philippines in 2012. Boo! Snail creams are very good but pricey! 

Thankfully, I found this Repairing V3 Cream. It isn’t cheap but considering that it’s a snail cream, holy cow, it’s a good deal! Actually, the price is on a par with Olay and Loreal creams.

The Ciracle Snail V3 Cream is a very moisturizing cream. Ciracle says that you can use this on morning and evening. But I prefer using it in the evening only. 

While writing this review, I decided to apply half cream of V3 cream on my face and half with Olay Day Cream. The side with V3 Cream feels more moisturized. However, since it’s more moisturizing, I don’t know if it’ll work under my makeup. I’m guessing that my makeup might slide off my face. Again, that’s just my guess! I have yet to try it! 

The moisturizing effect of this cream is really good, I remember during the storm “Egay.” The weather turns really cold and it made my skin drier. To add to the burden, I use Kojie san, a kojic soap, as my daily facial soap. This cream has been my Holy Grail product during those kinds of days. I couldn’t emphasize enough how moisturizing it is.

Aside from the instant moisturiizing effect it gives, I haven’t seen huge difference yet on my skin. But it’s okay, I have only used the product for less than a month! I’m excited to see how it will work on my skin! 


Ciracle products didn’t disappoint me! In fact, I’m considering adding these to my skin regime.
Other promising products I’ve been really, really curious about are:

Ciracle Skin Renewal Home Peeling Pads – which is a gentle exfoliating treatment for home-use. The set costs around Php 1,090. 

I’m also eyeing on their blackhead products since I have huge problem on my blackhead. They have Cotton mask for only Php 1,190 which contains 20 sheets. The Pore Control Blackhead off sheets sound great too! 

I’m quite intrigue with their Enzyme powder wash! It’s a powder wash because it’s initial powder but once you wet it and it will make foam. Hence, the name!

I love clays masks! Ciracle has Jeju Volcanic Clay mask (Php 990) and Water Sleeping Mask (Php 1,290). Jeju Volcanic Clay mask is something you apply during the day (or night) but you have to wash it off while Water sleeping mask, you can just leave it overnight. 

Radiance Eye cream is quite affordable too! Php 990 only. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock!

Of all products, I’m most curious about this Pimple Solution Pink Powder. Since I’m so exposed to pollution (I commute and has 10 rides back and forth from work to home daily), my skin breaks out more often than before. Ciracle pink solution powder is a fast-acting formula that reduces acne. It contains sulphur and salicylic acid.

Have you tried Ciracle products?

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