Thursday, July 16, 2015


Not too long ago, I started my small online business. I chose facebook as my medium in selling my items simply because the market is already there and it’s free! I was okay with it at first, but it was hard to keep track of all orders. I use spreadsheet to keep track of my inventories, and write down paid orders! To add to the burden, I’m a full-time employee working from Monday to Friday and a review center instructor on Saturdays. On Sundays, supposedly my rest day, I spenT my time doing my inventory and tracking everything – not to mention, I do meet-ups too! Can you just imagine the hassle? Haha! 

Lately, I found myself searching for a better platform (that can provide me an easy way to track and manage the orders). Thankfully, a sexy and charming (*smile*) blogger friend of mine, Eyah, suggested me to try out Shopee Philippines application (you can download it on your android or iphone)! Believe me --- it’s a life-saver – or atleast, it made my life so much easier!  


1. I get to chat with my customers in case they have inquiries about the product

2. I can instantly share my listings on my various social media platforms such as facebook and instagram.

3. Buyers can rate my shop – which help me build my credibility to all future customers

4. The Seller Assistant is awesome! – you get free application with a virtual assistant. Isn’t it the coolest thing? Seller Assistant helps me organize my listing, keep track of my orders and manage my customers – ALL FOR FREE!


1. Easy browsing! The banner updates me for the best sales and deal!

2. I can follow the seller I want to get instant updates on their listing

3. I’m guaranteed that I won’t be scammed. Shopee has this cool payment feature called “Shopee Guaranteed.” All payments you sent will go directly on Shopee account. The payment will be sent to sellers only after the buyer confirm that he/she received the order.

If you are into online shopping, I guarantee you --- you will enjoy this app! They have flash sales every 8pm, up to 50% off! 

My shop was chosen to be included in their Flash Sale promo yesterday! 

Lanvin Eclat and Lacoste Red were discounted to Php 500 – the lowest price we ever offered! 

Marikina bags were down to Php 400 and our original Adidas cap (we purchased from Europe) for only Php 350!

No need to pay for shipping fee because Shopee and KikaySimaria got you covered! We’re offering all items for free shipping! Including those items not included in the flash sale! 

Just look for “kikaysimaria store” or search for my username: eloisaco20. See you there!

For Inquiries, suggestions and sponsorship, you may contact me thru:
Facebook Fan Page: KikaySiMaria
Instagram: eloisaco20 and Twitter: eloisa_co20

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