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To make a review on  false eyelashes is quite a challenge for me. You see, putting false eyelashes is one of the things we would probably skip on our daily makeup routine. Aside from the fact that it’s no way easy to apply, I find it quite uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. I normally save them for very, very special occasions. (so rare that I have to write “very” twice!)

Honestly, I’ve only worn false lashes thrice: in an event back in my college years, on my sister’s wedding and on my college graduation! And you know what, those false eyelashes did not fail me! 

No mascara – not even 3D mascara – could do it better than false eyelashes.


Kara Eyelashes are newest brand of false eyelashes being sold at Kalm Cosmetics. I actually received five styles to review – but for today, I’ll just review four eyelashes they sent me.  


Kara Beauty false eyelashes are the new method of enhancing the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes dramatically. Each Kara Beauty's eyelash is individually hand-crafted with utmost attention to detail offering professional quality at reasonable price. Exceptionally made using the highest quality Natural Human Hair.

  • Kara lashes are made with 100% human hair
  • Handmade for natural look in a range of various styles
  • Easy to apply. May be re-used up to three weeks
  • Comfortable and safe to wear

Kara false eyelashes are 100% HUMAN Hair! I like human hair eyelashes because they're lighter and and more comfortable to wear than any synthetic eyelashes.

• 747XS •

Please take note that I already used this lashes before I took these photos. Hnece the glue on its band
The most light-weight – and definitely, the most natural-looking among all the lashes I received, as if I’m just wearing mascara – but better. This lashes comes in variety of sizes: XS/S/M/L.
I would recommend this to girls with really short and thin lashes -- it's a great lash design if you just want to enhance your eyes and make it pop. I think this will look great on monolids, too.

• #213 •

This one is my favorite, so far! The thing with 747XS is that I find it to short for my liking, it’s almost as long as my real lashes – which is great if you want natural-looking lashes. 
Like 747XS, the bristles of #213 are shorter in the inside and longer outside --  this kind of design really makes my eyes appear wider and more awake! It gives my eyes a boost in length and thickness but not overly done.  

• #415 •

It’s really hard to distinguish #213 and #415 on these photos but 415 has more hairsThe designs of both lashes are very comparable except that the #415 has longer bristles inside than #213. 
Since this one is longer and thicker, it’s obviously less comfy to wear than #213

• WSP •

WSP – I think it stands for Wispies. These are pretty long and thick eyelashes. 
On my eyes, I find it too long and quite festive. If you are going for a bold / dramatic look, you might want to try this one.


Overall, I really like these lashes! #213 is my favorite from the lashes I received. #747XS and #213 are great for a subtle enhancement. #415 sits between natural and dramatic false eyelashes look. If you want to be a bit showy, go for WSP. 

Though the level of comfort varies, generally, all these lashes did not irritate my eyes. The only struggle I experienced is that because WSP is way too long for me and has the same length from inner to outer-- somehow blocks my vision. I recommend trimming it especially near the inner corner of the eyes. 

All the lashes have invisible banding. 

You can get these for only Php 120 at Kalm Cosmetics.

Someone messaged me on my facebook account when I posted a picture of these lashes. She asked if I could do a comparison review between Kara lashes and Red Cherry Lashes. 

Well, I haven't tried Red Cherry just yet. But I'm guessing that the quality of these lashes are very comparable. I noticed that they do come in almost same designs, they have similar names for most of the lashes and both brands are made in Indonesia.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative (but still with great quality) as Red Cherry, you might want to consider buying this one.

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