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I asked several women whether they prefer going to salon or dyeing their own hair. Not surprisingly, majority of them chose home dye kits. Aside from the obvious reason home dyes are cheaper, according to these women, dyeing their own hair also saves them time. It’s quicker to use, just half an hour of waiting, and they get to do their work-stuff while waiting.

While I personally think that salons are still the best way to go because they can certainly do it better, I still prefer doing DIY Hair dye on my hair especially that I don’t have much time and there are moments when you don’t want to deal with “makulit” na stylist. If you know what I mean.

When it comes to DIY-Hair dyes, I’m not really that adventurous in trying out different brands of dyes. Ever since I started dyeing my hair, I have only used Etude House Hair Bubbles for my hair. I told you, I’m not a PRO in hair dyeing, for me, “the simpler, the better!”  I really like EH Hair bubbles, it’s as simple as shampooing my hair.

BUT after using this Loreal Fashion Excellence on my hair, I’ll never go back. Read more to know why.


Excellence brings you intense, visible color and is infused with Hi-Shine Complex. It comes in six newest shades delivering only the richest care for the richest color. Unlike other commercial hair-dye, Excellence contains triple care formula: Micro-cerca essence + amino acid + collagen – powerful combination to protect, strengthen and replenish iar. Hair is silky-soft and efficiently resists breakage from combing. 


The Box comes with:
Pre-color serum
Protective crème colorant
Crème developer
Protective conditioner
Instruction manual

• HOW TO •

I was actually torn between Ashy Nude Brown and Golden Nude Brown. In the end, I opted to go for Ashy Nude Brown because it’s closest to my hair color and since it's the color that matches the brow products I have.

TIP 1: Hair color absorbs better in dirty hair. By dirty, I mean, do not wash your hair prior to hair coloring, not even the night before. I didn’t washed mine – hence, the dull, oily and lifeless hair.

TIP 2: Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline to prevent staining. 
I’m ready, let’s start dyeing!

Apply PRE-COLOR Serum to protect your hair!

Wear your gloves starting this process. Mix the Protective Crème Colorant (STEP 2) into Crème Developer (STEP 3) bottle. 
Close the bottle and shake it! The shaking process warms up the bottle, how cool is that!

Take the cap off and add the comb cap head onto the bottle. 
Oh no, I think I’m doing it in a wrong way! Haha! My sister told me that when dyeing my hair, it’s better to start at the roots. 
Just continue brushing the hair dye from roots to end until your hair is entirely saturated with hair dye.

I applied my hair dye through sections to avoid patchiness. 

Hair coloring isn’t as easy as I thought it would. But, technically, this is my first time to use a hair color like this so it’s understandable. It was really a struggle to apply the product evenly at the back of my head.To add to the burden, I take photos in between steps.

Anyway, after I have completely covered my hair with the dye, I pinned it up (like a bun) --- good thing my sister saw me and she was  like, “NOOOO! You should let your hair down so that the color will be even when you rinse it off”. 

The instruction says that I should wait for 30 mins before rinsing it off. I waited for an hour, just to be safe. 

Rinse your hair and apply the Protective conditioner.
I swear by this! It’s the best after-color conditioner I’ve tried. It is way better than the conditioner (hair treatment as they call it) that came with my Etude House Hair bubbles. 


TADA! They say that Ashy nude brown shades are best suited for women with Cool-toned skin. But it wasn’t bad on me. I feel like this color made my skin appear more vibrant. 
Ashy Nude Brown – is great for subtle tweak.  It won’t dramatically change your hair look but it’s a good color to start with especially for beginners. 
I’m inlove with this hair dye because it made my hair silky-smooth! I had my hair dyed at Salon and I swear, my hair has never felt this soft. I can’t stop touching my hair. The conditioner that came in Excellence is really, really excellent! I wish Loreal could sell it separately – or maybe, I should start trying out their Conditioners for colored hair. 

My review doesn't end here -- Just like me, YOU CAN GET THE CHANCE TO TRY THIS FOR FREE! 

LOREAL Paris Philippines is giving away LOREAL FASHION EXCELLENCE to three (3) lucky readers! 

Until then, my loves!

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