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I started buying tester perfumes back in my college years. I usually buy at Greenhills, because they’re cheaper! Back then, I don’t know much about tester perfumes (what are they? Where do they really came from). The only thing I knew was these were smuggled testers from the brand of this perfume. It’s so much easy to believe in that because they smell like the real thing in malls. 

I don’t buy original perfumes since they cost an arm and a leg. But I do have few originals from my Aunt in US. They usually give us pasalubong whenever they visit us here in Philippines. And some were from my sisters.

Before I started my online store, I tried researching about tester perfumes. I messaged several sellers asking what kind of tester perfumes they are selling, how they differ from each other and just some random chats with them – showing that I’m interested in reselling their products. I tried one testers to another until I found the distributor that has the best quality. It took me a lot of “trial and error” but it’s worth it.

In few months that I’ve been selling, I discovered “new” things about these so called “tester perfumes” and I hope this will enlighten you before deciding whether to purchase tester perfume or not to. 

Not most sellers will reveal this, but I believe that buyers have the right to know. Deceiving people are not my thing, I like to earn – yes, this is business, but I want them to know what they are really buying. 


Let’s start with some definitions. 

ORIGINAL Testers. Is not synonymous to “Authentic testers” for some sellers. For some reason, most sellers claim that “Dubai testers” or some “US Testers” are original testers. But they really aren’t. 

When you say Original testers – it should be authentic. When you say authentic testers, it should come from the brand itself. For instance, Versace testers. Versace should be the one producing those testers for their own purpose. BUT these companies DO NOT SELL these tester perfumes, and they are manufacturing these at a very limited quantities.
Surprisingly, you can see sellers selling these tester perfumes at crazy quantities, almost unlimited! Why? Because we usually get these from one manufacturer. All tester perfumes ARE FROM one manufacturer, which explains why we have unlimited stocks and why most of us are selling different kinds at almost same prices.

US Testers. There’s no such thing as US testers. One time, I purchased a tester perfume from a seller who claimed that she’s selling US Testers. I was so disappointed because she sent me a low quality tester perfumes. There are different qualities of tester perfumes, and for a seller to claim that she’s selling “US testers” even though I know for the fact that there is no such thing, I still expect that at least, somehow, she’ll sent me the highest quality of Dubai testers. 

I was so disappointed because in the picture she posted, the Eclat has “lilac” liquid, but the one I received has “blue” liquid – which is one thing to look into when looking for high quality tester perfume.

I told her that I know that what she’s selling is not US testers, since there’s no such thing as US testers. But she should have at least sent the right product she posted-- an Eclat with lilac liquid, and not the blue kind.

She even said to me, “Alam mo palang walang US testers. Seller ka din, kaya dapat alam mo kung pano imarket ang benta mo.” 

Anyway, she said sorry on the latter part of our conversation since she said that she didn’t know that the blue and lilac have different qualities. If she had known that, she would have sent me the right item. 

I forgave her because when I started this online store, I, too, didn’t know the difference of a good quality testers and low quality testers. But what frustrates me is the fact that she deceives her buyers of having US testers, even she’s fully aware that there is no such thing. 

DUBAI testers. Dubai testers have different kind of qualities. There are good quality tester perfumes, which are comparable to originals. Though, there are also not good tester perfumes. These are called DUBAI testers since they're imported to Dubai.

It’s really hard to see the difference, unless you try it yourself. This is where “Trial and error” comes. This is my advice to those who want to resell tester perfumes. Buy two pcs of same perfume from two different distributors and compare them. I highly recommend that you buy two of the same kind for an apple to apple comparison. That’s the best way to find which has a better quality. For instance, compare the blueish ├ęclat to lilac ├ęclat and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

If you, however, purchase different kinds of scents, you wouldn’t really able to compare it fully. For example, you purchased D&G light blue and D&G l’imperatrice. D&G light blue will really last longer even if you have the highest quality D&G L’imperatrice. Even the original D&G L’imperatrice isn’t long lasting, you can read reviews through

SINGAPORE testers. The lowest and cheapest tester perfumes you could get. It doesn’t smell anything like the original. I wouldn’t really recommend you to purchase this, unless, you just want to try it. 

In this post, I will show you how to find a good quality tester perfumes for Eclat and D&G Light Blue.
My intention for this post is to let people know what they are really purchasing. I sell my tester perfumes for only Php 900, if you will order through Facebook. 

But we have promos sponsored by Shopee Philippines where you can purchase our tester perfumes from Php 760, which already includes shipping fee! This promo is until December 31 only.

So, imagine, you’ll only pay about 1/4 the price of the original perfume. But do not expect that you’ll get the “real” thing for that price. You know what they say, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” There’s always a catch. If someone sells a perfume for almost 1/4 the price and claims it to be authentic, it’s okay to doubt. 

To be sure that you are only getting original perfumes, I recommend getting the one in original pack (not the tester pack) and buy at your trusted stores like malls.

I personally don’t mind using this kind of tester perfumes since these are very affordable and most of these are really long lasting. I’ve tried and tested my products, I use them personally. 

I wanted to earn (who doesn't?), but not to the extent of deceiving my buyers. I highly value honesty. 

If you have more questions, never hesitate to contact me. You can reach me through my FACEBOOK page HERE

To view the complete list of my tester perfumes, you can click HERE and view the actual photos of my tester perfumes HERE.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Ive been trying to figure out what the hell a dubai tester was all day >.<

  2. Hi,I started to resell a us authentic perfume as the seller says...I was been encouraged by the feedbacks I saw on her page..i've ordered 10 different perfumes last week.I'm kinda worried when I saw your blog and my mom asked me how come they are cheap & brought them for a lower price..that if i'm sure it was authentic.can u pls.give me advise..because it's my first time to resell a us authentic perfume as the seller says.thank u.

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