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You know guys that ever since I started blogging, I’ve telling you how much I hate matte lipsticks because these are intensely drying. I’d rather reapply my lipstick than have chappy lips. 

However, I had a change of heart.  For majority of November, I have only used liquid lipsticks on my lips. 

Liquid lipsticks are becoming more and more popular simply because these offer buildable, long-lasting color with matte finish.



Liquid lipsticks have the same packaging as our standard lipglosses, with doe foot applicator. 

Among all these liquid lipsticks, Ofra Liquid Lipstick (2nd pic from below) has the cheapest packaging. You can barely see the print of the tube. I know, it sucks considering that it is the most expensive among all these tube. 

To add to my disappointment, there is so much of excess liquid lipstick which accumulated on the interior of the cap screw, and every time I put the cap back, all this excess runs everywhere especially on my fingers. Perhaps, it's because the opening is narrower compared to other liquid lipsticks.

On the good side, I’m pretty impressed with Nyx Soft Matte lip cream and LA Splash packaging, as the prints are still intact even though I bring these with me every single day.


Ofra Laguna Beach is my kind-of pink. It’s a nude pink that looks great on medium to fair skin. I love it wearing it with any pink blush.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream in Milan looks a bit more pink in person. It’s a gorgeous rose-pink shade. I love how it brightens up my complexion with just one swipe

La Splash in Ginny is a peachy-pink shade, one of my fave shades to wear,too!

La Splash is Latte Confession which complements a lot of skintone. It’s a warm rosy brown shade

Colourpop in Avenue is a deep, vampy red. It looks very sophisticated on photos. 

Pink Sugar in Coral Bliss (Sorry, I didn’t noticed I put Colar in all pictures, huhu! The disadvantage of Copy and Paste) is a bright, coral shade.


I pressed the part of my arm with liquid lipsticks onto the bondpaper to see which of the shades will transfer on the paper.

Based on the result, only the Nyx soft matte in Milan and Ofra in Laguna Beach failed the kiss-proof test.

While Pink Sugar and Colourpop didn’t transfer on the paper, I have tried and tested these lip products and I can say that they’re not totally kissproof. They’re only kiss-proof when your lips are dry. I kissed the back of my hands few minutes after I applied the liquid lipstick on my lips and it didn’t transfer at all. But after drinking water, I noticed that the color transferred on my glass of water. 

La Splash and TT Max are absolutely kiss-proof! 


I put my arms on the running water to wet it and then I rubbed them off. 
As you can, La Splash remained intact. 


I poured out an ample amount of biore cleansing oil and massage it gently over the liquid lipsticks. The picture says it all. La Splash is so darn, difficult to remove even with makeup remover! 


Ofra Laguna Beach and Nyx Soft Matte are the most non-drying among all these liquid lipsticks. If you have dry and chappy lips, I highly recommend these.

La Splash isn’t as drying as Colourpop, but felt slightly tacky. When I press my lips together, it does feel sticky. 

Colourpop is completely the opposite of La Splash. It has “ultra” matte formulation, and probably the most drying liquid lipstick I’ve tried so far. It feels like cement on my lips. But unlike LA Splash, it’s not tacky/sticky at all.

Pink Sugar in Coral Bliss is my least favorite. NO MATTER what I do, I just can't make it works for me. It's so patchy on my lips! Ugh. 


All these liquid lipsticks are worth buying except for Pink Sugar. Though, I'm still thinking of getting another shade from Pink Sugar just to test it out, and confirm my observation. Perhaps, other shades might have better formulation. Who knows. 

LA Splash has craziest longevity. It’s very difficult to take it off, even with makeup remover. Colourpop is great too. I have it in “Solow” which reminds me so much of my ever beloved Nyx Rls in Tea Rose, such a gorgeous everyday shade!!

Before I end my review, I summarized below my review on the liquid lipsticks I've tried, including those that are not included in this review. 


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Shade/s tested: London, Addis Ababa, Stockholm, Milan
The Good: Not-drying
The Bad: Not long lasting, not kissproof

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick
Shade/s Tested: Laguna Beach
The Good: Not-drying
The Bad: Not long lasting, not kissproof

LA Splash
Shade/s Tested: Ginny, Latte Confession
The Good: VERY long lasting, totally kissproof e
The Bad: Feels tacky

Colourpop Ultra Matte
Shade/s Tested: Solow, Avenue
The Good: Super matte, not tacky!
The Bad: Not totally kissproof (only for darker colors like Avenue)

Pink Sugar
Shade/s Tested: Coral Bliss
The Good: Affordable, available in local market
The Bad: not waterproof, patchy, not kissproof

Shade/s Tested: Sweet Cherry
The Good: Non-drying, long lasting, totally kissproof
The Bad: Not available in the local market

LA Girl Matte
Shade/s Tested: Fleur, Dreamy, Bazaar, Rebel
The Good: Not so drying, good longevity, affordable
The Bad: not totally kissproof (for darker colors)

How about you? What's your favorite liquid lipstick?

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