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2015 really is the year of liquid lipsticks. A lot of brands came with their own versions of liquid lipsticks – even local brands like Ever Bilena. 

Though another brand also made a good reputation for the same year because of its crazy affordable price tag! It promises provide a long wearing, matte finish, highly pigmented but creamy, nourishing formula that won’t dry lips. Honestly, I have been wearing all these shades non-stop ever since I got them and they’re really good! In fact, I am already selling them because I have tried and tested these, and I’m really impressed! How can something so affordable be this great! If you want to know more about my thoughts on Menow KP Lippies, keep on reading!


Menow says,
This liquid lipstick instantly lifts & hydrates lips. Gives rich,creamy long wearing colour!

Note: They are not liquid lipstick.


The packaging is surprisingly good considering that I got them at a very affordable price! I honestly think that they’re sleek – it has a nice print and quite weighty than my typical lip crayons. I like that it has MFD on the packaging, so you’ll until when you can use it. 
The only thing I didn’t like about the packaging is that it isn’t retractable! But for the price, who can complain, right? So yeah, you can either purchase the menow sharpener or just re-use any cosmetics sharpener available at your home. I like using my browhaus sharpener to sharpen this baby. I heard Watsons sharpener works, too!


If you can wear liquid lipsticks, you can definitely wear this more. 
Generally, these lipsticks are creamy and do glide easily on my lips. However, there are shades that are quite patchy and require a bit of tugging on my lips.
If I were to compare it to the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, I would probably say that it’s in closest formulation with my Colourpop Ultra matte liquid lipsticks but Menow kissproof lipsticks are less drying on lips.

Both Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks and Menow kissproof lipsticks do not feel tacky on lips and they dry into a real-matte formulation. They have almost similar longevity; I noticed minimal transfer whenever I drink water especially for the darker shades. But if you’re lips are dry, they are 100% kissproof.


MENOW in 001
001 is a frosted shade (with tiny silver and gold sheen). It’s a good everyday lip shade especially if you’re a frosted-lippy person. Compared to other shades, it’s a bit sheer so I normally apply two layers to get the opacity I want.

I do have wrinkled lips when I tried it on, but the shade doesn’t emphasize fine lines of my lips.
MENOW in 004
004 is such a gorgeous Barbie-ish shade. This is actually my fave shade from the line, unfortunately, not my favorite formulation. It’s a bit patchy, so make sure to moisturize your lips and blot it before applying this shade. 
I really love this shade; it brightens up my face and looks really beautiful with pink blush! It’s my go-to shade during the days when I feel gloomy! It really lightens up my mood. I love this kind of shade.

MENOW in 005
005 is a warm nude shade. Menow offers good shades for nude lippies. 005 has more of a warmer undertone compared to other nudes in this line. The formulation is good, but can be patchy. Sometimes, it doesn’t glide smoothly on my lips. I like using this under a lip balm.
MENOW in 007
007 is a frosted, strawberry shade. 001 and 007 have similar formulation, I would say that the texture is matte but has tiny shimmers, if that makes sense

MENOW in 008
008 is like 005’s twin, they’re almost identical to each other. Though,  005 has more warm-undertone. 

I like reaching for this more often than 005 because this one has better formulation. 

MENOW in 013
013 is a red-matte. It’s a rich, creamy red shade that glides smoothly on my lips. If you’re a sucker for red lipsticks, you will love it!

MENOW in 014
014 is a bright pink shade! I like the formulation of this one, like 013, it glides smoothly and creamy on my lips! 

MENOW in 015
015 is my favorite nude shade because it has a nice, dusty rose shade. It reminds me so much of Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Mauvey, though I prefer the formulation of this one.

MENOW in 016
016 is my favorite bright shade in this line. It’s like a pin-up coral pink shade, perhaps, a watermelon shade. It’s bright but very versatile. I think this will be a great color especially on summer! 
MENOW in 017
017 is a chocolate, grey-undertone nude-y brown shade. This shade is really popular because it’s a kylie-jenner inspired lip shade. Though, we have to admit, not everyone can rock this shade. I will try to play with this color a bit more to see how I can make it work for my skintone. Perhaps, I need to wear it with well-defined brows and a bit of eye makeup! Of course, do not forget to add color on cheeks.


Overall, I really, really love these kissproof lippies! They have tons of shades, from nudes to pinks to reds! These lipsticks are insanely long-lasting and kissproof. 

Menow Kissproof Lipsticks have nice color selection especially for nude lippies. Four (4) out of the 10 lippies I’ve tried are nudes.
Among all the shades, 004, 008, 015 and 016 are my top picks!  

  • Affordable
  • Very long lasting
  • Kissproof
  • 19 shades available, from nudes to pink to coral to reds
  • True matte formulation
  • Lightweight on lips

  • Hard to remove, I highly recommend Biore cleansing wipes to remove it
  • Not available in the local market
  • Not retractable

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Have you tried this Menow Kissproof Lipsticks? What are your favorite shades?

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  1. Hi! I just bought a Kissproof lippie and lo and behold, it broke. The tip broke and fell off. Any tips on how I can use it again or is it even usable again?

  2. Make yourself look alive with these Menow Kissproof lipsticks. There's a lot of shades to choose from, take the best color that suits you best and walk feeling confidently beautiful.



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